5 virtual activities to do with your partner during self isolation

Ceyda Erem

02 Apr 2020


In the last few days, the nation has been introduced to harsher restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19 - one of which is to stop Aussies from visiting other households unless it’s to provide care. 

So if you’re someone who doesn't live with your partner, things can start to feel a little lonely. 

While the rules (at the moment) allow Aussies in most states to visit their partners, couples in Queensland aren’t so lucky, as visits are only permitted if your partner lives alone. 

So if you and your partner are choosing to practise social distancing during this time, we’ve got five low-cost, virtual activities you can do together to stay connected. 

Dinner date

Because who says you have to say goodbye to date night? While you and your partner can’t head down to your favourite restaurant to sit down to a romantic dinner, takeaway is still available. 

Pick a cuisine or food you both enjoy and order each other some takeaway on UberEats at the same time. Once your food arrives, grab a glass of wine, light some candles and enjoy the night gazing into each other’s eyes...via webcam. 

Or if you’re trying to keep spending to a minimum during self isolation, take your laptop into the kitchen and get cooking! To do this, you’ll need to agree on a recipe beforehand and make sure you have all the required ingredients already at home. And even though you won’t be able to decide on whose tastes better, you’ll still get to spend time together. 

Stream a movie together 

Whether it’s a weekly or monthly ritual, movie nights are a great way to wind down with your partner. So you might be happy to know that you can still uphold the tradition, thanks to a website called Sync-Video. 

With Sync-Video, you can watch Youtube videos with your partner at the same time. All you need is to download either Firefox or Google Chrome, create a private room on the Sync-Video website and plug in the URL to start watching! 

Set the scene by grabbing some blankets, popping some popcorn and having your favourite snacks at the ready. 

Virtual board games 

Pretty much everything can be done online these days, including board and card games. From MarioKart to UNO and even Pictonary, there are all different types of games available virtually. 

While the majority of online games are free, you might need to purchase an app for certain games, like Monopoly and Cluedo. 

To keep things exciting, try creating an online games tournament between you and your partner where the loser buys dinner (online takeaway, of course). 

Learn something new together

They say everyday gives us the opportunity to learn something new, and since a lot of us now have some spare time on our hands, why not pick up a new skill or hobby with your partner. There are a range of skills and hobbies you can both take part in such as yoga, dancing or cooking. 

And if you really want to challenge each other, you could try learning a new language together with apps like DuoLingo or Babble. Perhaps the language of the country you’re planning to visit once the pandemic is over? 

Set up a ‘post COVID-19 fun fund’ 

Although this last tip won’t take too much time out of your day, it can definitely lift your spirits and help you stay positive and future focused. As we continue to self quarantine until further notice, you'll have no doubt started thinking about about what you’d like to do once regular day-to-day life resumes. 

Maintain this positive feeling with your partner by setting up a joint, post COVID-19, fun savings account, so you can both regularly contribute to future dates. This could be a night out, a weekend away or a couple’s spa retreat. 

So if you’re now in need of a joint savings account, have a read of our helpful guide or check out some of the savings accounts offers below! 

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