Travelex named Australia’s best prepaid travel card

prepaid travel card travelex

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve just announced the winners of the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Travel Money Awards. Each year, our team of Mozo Expert judges analyse prepaid travel cards to find which are the cream of the crop. 

After considering 6 different multi-currency cards, our Mozo Experts determined that the Travelex Money Card was the sole winner in the Prepaid Travel Card awards category in the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Money Awards.

Travelex’s prepaid travel card has no ATM withdrawal or EFTPOS payment fees. It also comes with no currency conversion fees when you top up your card through the app or while making overseas purchases (provided you have the correct currency). If you have this card, you also get free WiFi access from Boingo hotspots.

With perks like this, it’s no surprise that Travelex took the Mozo Experts Choice Award crown for prepaid travel cards.

Why choose a prepaid travel card

Before you figure out exactly how many outfits you need for your overseas trip, it might be good to figure out your budget and lock in a great exchange rate. A prepaid travel card could help with that!

A prepaid travel card is like an everyday debit card, but it's designed to be used overseas, giving you access to the currency you’ll need for your destination. In this way, it’s a safer alternative to carrying around a bunch of cash. 

This type of card allows you to lock in an exchange rate early, so you don’t have to worry about the AUD dropping and messing with your budget while you’re away. Also since the money in the card is preloaded (like a gift card) you may reduce the risk of going over budget.  

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