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Credit card flexibility meets debt-free holiday spending with the top travel debit cards on the market. Here at Mozo, you can compare a range of debit cards in seconds or find out what overseas fees and charges you'll be up for with your current debit card.

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Debit cards can help you avoid a coming back from your overseas jaunt in debt by forcing the plastic-happy travellers among us to spend only what we have. Make sure your travel debit card offers great foreign exchange rates and cheap, flexible overseas cash withdrawal, so your pre-earned travel money isn't wasted on fees and charges.

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Travel debit cards explained

Almost every Australian has one. That little piece of plastic sitting in their wallets ready to be pulled out for everything from regular purchases to ATM withdrawals. But did you know that,  a debit card could be the perfect option for overseas spending as well? Many debit cards issued by Australian banks and other institutions run on the Mastercard or Visa networks, meaning your card can be used at a host of checkouts and ATMs across the world.

There are a number of options in the world of travel debit cards that make spending overseas as convenient and fee-free as possible, thereby reducing your costs and giving you more to spend on the fun parts of travel like food, drinks and sightseeing!

But how do you know which travel debit card could be the right fit for your next trip, and what are the tips and traps you should know about them before you fly? Read on as we tackle some of the most common questions relating to travel debit cards.

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