Heritage Bank’s helping hand earns it five Mozo People’s Choice Awards

They say bigger is better, and for Australia’s biggest customer-owned bank, that rings true. This year, Heritage Bank walked away with not one, not two but five Mozo People’s Choice Awards.

For 10 years, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards have left it up to Aussie customers to decide which banks they rank most highly across a number of categories. And with 141 banks rated this year, it’s no mean feat that Heritage Bank well and truly stood out.

But it isn’t a surprise either. Heritage Bank has been the apple of Aussie’s eyes and a Mozo People’s Choice Award winner every single year since 2012.

For the third year in a row, Heritage Bank has taken home an award for Most Recommended, also bagging a gong for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction for the last two years. Here’s the full list of awards it scooped up in 2019:

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Highly Trusted
  • Staff Friendliness
  • Most Recommended

“It’s one thing to win over the hearts of real Aussie customers with trustworthy, friendly bank staff and customer service, but for Heritage Bank to do it consistently for a number of years - that’s impressive,” said Mozo Data Services Director AJ Duncanson.

Aside from having a full range of competitive personal banking products from home loans, savings accounts, term deposits and credit cards, Heritage also plays a part in the community.

How Heritage Bank supports local communities

Since 1875, Heritage Bank has expanded to become one of Australia’s largest customer-owned banks, with an intention to put Aussie’s first.

Like most customer-owned banks, not being tied to shareholders means Heritage Bank is able to give back profits to its customers in the form of great value, a higher level of service and also in sponsorships and community support for local charities, sporting clubs and other positive organisations. Last year, Heritage Bank’s 20th annual Charity Golf Day raised over $75,000 for deserving charities including Hear and Say and 4 Aussie Heroes.

And looking at its great success in The Mozo People’s Choice Awards, it’s clear the love is being returned by its customers.

Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said, “to receive these awards as a result of our members’ feedback is a big vote of confidence in what we do. It’s also a testament to the passion and efforts of our staff in delivering great Heritage experiences every day.”