Introducing the CUA Everyday Snap account: the bank account that travellers will love

Cua everyday snap account content

Australia’s largest credit union has just given Aussies one more reason to get on board. CUA recently unveiled its brand new Everyday Snap account, which sports a number of nifty features that travellers and savers alike are sure to appreciate.

Everyday Snap account features

What are the big selling points? As long as you deposit at least $2,000 and make a minimum of five settled purchases with your CUA Visa Debit card each month, you’ll be able to enjoy the following perks:

- Refund of international ATM withdrawal fees

- Refund of international card transaction fees

- Refund of overdrawn fees

On top of that, the Everyday Snap account comes with all the features that make the Everyday Account great, such as zero monthly fees and a handy Savings Top Up feature, which automatically transfers between 50c and $5 (whatever you specify) to your savings account when you spend more than $10 using your CUA Visa Debit card.

Couple that with the CUA banking app - which lets you check your balance, move your money around, and set up recurring payments - plus Google, Apple and Samsung Pay capability and you have all the ingredients for a seamless banking experience.

How do I sign up?

True to its name, you’ll be able to sign up for CUA’s new offering with practically a snap of your fingers. 

If you already bank with CUA, all you’ll need is your member number and the login details to your online banking account. For new members, you’ll need to provide an email address, mobile number and one form of ID, plus meet the usual age and residency requirements. The application process should take no more than five minutes.

Once that’s done, CUA will ship out your brand new Visa Debit card, which should arrive in the mail within seven days. CUA will also help your switch over your salary and other regular payments to the new account, or even do it for you if you’re strapped for time. 

Sound good? We’ve included a quick recap below. And if you’d like to see how the features on offer compare to other accounts on the market, be sure to visit our bank account comparison page.

Great Southern Bank Everyday Snap Account
Great Southern Bank
  • $0 monthly account fees

  • Refund of international ATM withdrawal fees if monthly conditions are met

  • Refund of overdrawn fees if monthly conditions are met

The CUA Everyday Snap account builds on everything that made the CUA everyday account so handy. Along with a lack of monthly account fees, you’ll be able to get refunds on international ATM withdrawal fees, international card transaction fees, as well as overdrawn fees so long as you (1) deposit at least $2,000 per month and (2) make at least five settled purchases with your CUA Visa Debit card per month. To cap it off, you’ll get an extra hand when it comes to saving thanks to the Savings Top Up feature, which rounds up purchases above $10 and deposits the difference into your savings account.

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