The Virgin Flyer: Free flights, free lunch

20,000 bonus points and 4 free flights every year. Sounds good, right? If your enthusiasm is matched by your scepticism, you wouldn’t be alone – free lunches are rare, especially in bank-land. The good news is that Virgin are certainly making this lunch pretty damn cheap.

What’s on the menu?

Virgin Flyer credit card – 20,000 bonus velocity points (if you spend $5,000+ within the first 3 months)
– Four 2-for-1 Virgin Blue flights every year (if you cover the credit card fees)
– A 6 month intro balance transfer rate of 2.90%
– Travel accident insurance and concierge service

What’s it worth?
A flight from Sydney to Melbourne will cost you 9,800 velocity points, so the bonus 20k points will bag you two one-way tickets. To earn the same amount of points you’d have to spend at least $20,000. Add to that the four free flights each year and you’re looking pretty good.

Compared to other cards on the market, factoring in the free flight and bonus points, it’s a clear winner for domestic travellers. Check out our rewards revealer for all the details.

The bill
With an annual fee of only $99 it’s an especially cheap platinum card, even better when you consider all the goodies.

In the doggy-bag
Bonuses are great, but at the end of the day you are left with a tempting piece of plastic, so it’s worth knowing how it fares as a day-to-day credit card:
– Interest rate of 20.99% and 44 interest free days
– Earn 1 velocity point for each $1 spent up to $1,500 a month, 1 velocity point for every $2 after that.

If your stomach is grumbling, check out the Virgin Flyer Credit Card on Mozo now.

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