Rate of Origin III: Game 1

mozo's rate of originThis is where dreams are made. Out on the lush, green paddock where the best of the best go toe to toe in a titanic battle for supremacy. I’m talking, of course, of the Rate of Origin.

Forget egg-shaped balls, cane toads, cockroaches and Phil Gould; Mozo’s Rate of Origin is the true battle for stately superiority.

This is the third successive year we have crunched the numbers on the QLD vs NSW bank-off, and much like the NRL sanctioned series, it has been total dominance by the Queensland, who have claimed the R.O.O shield in both 2010 and 2011.

This time around, we have expanded the reach of our analysis and will be releasing three separate blogs, each representing a game in the three game series (I wonder where we got that idea?). Game 1 will look at home loan rates, game 2 will compare deposit rates and the 3rd and final matchup will be decided on the ratings provided by the Mozo community.

Game 1 – Home Loan Rates

To decide game 1, we took the standard variable home loan comparison rate from each state’s lenders, and averaged them out.

The Teams

NSW is represented by some of the best of the best in bank land, a veritable dream-team of big names and billion dollar profits. With 33 players, NSW is undoubtedly the biggest team in the country. But the city boys, including CommBank and St.George are well supported by a strong country contingent, including the proud Novocastrians of Greater Building Society and south-coasters Illawarra Home Loans.

QLD may not have the numbers of their southern neighbours fielding just 14 lenders, but are represented by a fiercely loyal, community minded team. Maroons captain and main sponsor, Suncorp, bring significant weight and are well supported by a formidable engine room of credit unions and building societies.


NSW is off to a great start with super play from Super Rate, who cross the line first with a rate of 6.25%. The rest of the blues backline is filled with some quality players, including LJ Hooker @ 6.28% and Hume Building Society @ 6.36%. The Newcastle connection in the halves is solid, Greater Building Society coming in @ 6.65% and Newcastle Permanent @ 6.70%

It is in the big forward pack the NSW have some super-sized issues. CommBank @ 7.16%, St.George @ 7.21% and the worst performing cockroach, AMP @ 7.24% just can’t muster the cattle-dog spirit.

QLD have the edge in the backs, with both Morgan Brooks Direct @ 6.23% and Loans.com.au @ 6.24% crossing the chalk before NSW even have a point on the board. The quality continues all through the backs with CUA @ 6.53% but the maroons halfback, Heritage Bank @ 6.84% can’t quite grasp if it’s part of the backline, or banking with the forward pack.

There are dangers signs for the cane toads forward pack, with stalwarts BOQ clocking in @ 7.26% and the Rockhampton’s own “The Rock Building Society” proving to be true to its moniker, rooted @ 7.41%

Game 1 Winner: QLD

NSW’s solid performance across the park means they finish with an average home loan rate of 6.78%. But QLD’s backline proved just too strong for the blues, more than making up for some problems in the forwards to register an average rate of 6.75% and claim the victory in game 1.


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