Buy Nothing New Month Final Week: Victory!

Buy Nothing New Month Final Week: Victory!

It’s the end of October. I have spent the last four weeks fighting mindless consumerism and excess, while trying to save my money and the planet, through my Buy Nothing New Challenge.

Buying nothing new hasn’t been easy – I have been tempted to stray from the path of fiscal righteousness more than once (see weeks 1, 2 and 3) – but I think it’s safe to say that I have come out on top.


I had a lot of expectations when coming into this challenge. I expected it would be hard and that it would challenge me, and I also expected that it would eventually be quite rewarding. What I did not expect, however, was that Buy Nothing New Month would save me so much money!

Over the past four weeks, I have saved over $1000 – simply by buying nothing new. Fixing broken stuff, buying second-hand, or simply not buying at all has meant that I now have some serious cash to spare. What a pleasant surprise!


Although it might sound preachy/hyperbolic/Disney-esque, this last month has taught me some super valuable lessons.

1. Second-hand doesn’t necessarily equal second-best, and by extension, my obsession with Sportsgirl is misguided and uneconomical.
2. Willpower truly is like a muscle – if you use it enough, it’ll get stronger.
3. Thinking twice before buying is smart, mindlessly subscribing to consumerism isn’t.

Keep up the good fight

October might be nearly done, but I’ve decided my pledge to fight consumerism and excess doesn’t need to end too.

My experiences this month have inspired me to continue to do good by the world and my wallet. I therefore hereby promise to strive to buy nothing new wherever possible, always consider the impact my purchases may have on the environment, and think twice before I buy.

Finally, the tally…

…is pretty much redundant. Let’s be honest: I won, comprehensively. But for old times’ sake:

Georgia and Buy Nothing New Month: 8 points up, $1000 richer and inhabiting a brand new mindset.

Consumerism and excess: ZERO!

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