Fun Facts Behind Mozo’s People’s Choice Awards

We’ve sifted through 25,000 reviews, tallied the votes, crunched the numbers and have come up with the 2012 Mozo People’s Choice Awards, highlighting the best in the financial world.

But there’s more to these awards than meets the eye! Behind all the statistics, ratings and reviews, we’ve also uncovered some seriously funky facts…

What’s in a name?

Congratulations to all Mozonians who go by the name of John or Michelle – you have the most popular male and female monikers of the Mozo community.

We had a whopping 323 Johns and 235 Michelles submit reviews this year – those are two super popular names!

Love is in the air

The Big 4 banks are often characterised as miserly and unfriendly – but it looks like many Mozonians beg to differ! The word “love” cropped up in your reviews of the Big 4 banks a massive 849 times, with the most love being felt for CommBank who earned 315 loved-up mentions.

At the other end of the feelings spectrum, “hate” only appeared 72 times in the Big 4 reviews, and there were just 260 mentions of “bad”. Looks like the big bad 4 mightn’t be so bad after all!

Talking Points

What gets Australians talking?

Unsurprisingly, the most common word in your reviews is “bank”, which appears no less than 10,664 times. But other words appear extremely regularly too – Aussies care about service (6,561 mentions), rates (5,622 mentions) and fees (4,037 mentions).

Our longest review was 823 words – more than eight times longer than the national anthem. Something obviously got one Mozonian talking!

All up, the 25,000 reviews amounted to 1,061,616 words – that’s a higher word count than all seven Harry Potter volumes combined! You’re a chatty bunch.

Ready, Set, Review!

Mozonians preferred to review on a Thursday, with 22% of our reviews being written on that day, compared to just 7% on a Sunday.

More reviews were written between 10 and 11am than at any other time, but an incredible 3026 reviews were received between 10pm and 6am – seems there’s plenty of people whose banks keep them awake at night!


For a full run-down of all the results, including the award for Australia’s Best Bank, check out our People’s Choice Awards page.

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