October is Buy Nothing New Month!

October is Buy Nothing New Month!

The Challenge

I wouldn’t usually regard October as a particularly challenging month. Compared to January’s blinding heat, April’s chocolate and tinfoil overload, August’s exam period and December’s family Christmas stresses, October’s usually pretty un-challenging, if I’m honest. A nice month: fairly warm, fairly normal, fairly average.

But this October is different. This October is challenging.

Why? Because this October, the Mozo team have set me the challenge of participating in Buy Nothing New Month. It is, I’m afraid, exactly what it sounds like: a whole month of buying absolutely nothing that is new (aside from the obvious new necessities like food, hygiene products and medicine.)

Instead of purchasing new things, buy-nothing-newers are encouraged to barter, beg, swap and shop for secondhand goods. We’re talking Vinnies instead of Sportsgirl, a friend’s CD collection instead of JB Hi-Fi and super-glueing the soles of those shoes back together instead of forking out for an entirely new pair.

Yeah, I’m worried.

The Movement

The Buy Nothing New Month movement started in Melbourne back in the ye olde days of 2010, and has since spread internationally, taking off in the Netherlands. Participants like me aim to raise awareness of humanity’s wastefulness, reduce consumption, promote recycling and reuse and save some dollars along the way.

After whopping great success in October 2011, Buy Nothing New Month is back this October, with more than 20 000 people around the country expecting to take part.

The Guinea Pig

As part of my involvement in Buy Nothing New Month, I’ll be writing regular blog posts to keep all you Mozonians updated on my struggles, triumphs and general musings.

My challenging October begins now! Time to save some serious cash, take steps towards saving the environment, and get savvy about spending and consumption. Wish me luck!

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  1. awesome Georgia, good luck with Buy Nothing New Month. let us know how you go.

    however, just to let you know, good old Aussie started BNNM in 2010, we’re working with the dear Dutchies to spread the movement there.

    see. loads of good stuff starts right here! common Aussie common!