Be awash in cash with Dry July

Be awash in cash with Dry July

Dry July, an awesome fundraising event where Aussies give up alcohol for a whole entire month in order to help improve the lives of those living with cancer through the funds that are raised.  A worthy cause and possibly becoming one of Australia’s most popular fundraising events. However if you’ve witnessed a few dry seasons you may have noticed a common chain of reactions by those undertaking the challenge, which usually looks a little something like this

Last day of June: Attempt to suck dry Australia’s entire July supply of alcohol

Mid July: Preach the benefits of being sober for two weeks.

End of July: Grow apprehensive about your new lifestyle coming to an end

Beginning of August: Tell everybody you’re sticking to your new lifestyle

Mid August: Tell yourself you’re going to go back to the lifestyle you had in July, after the weekend.

End of August: Make plans for Ocsober over your 5th round at 11:30 pm on Friday night.

It’s the course of seeing the benefits of knocking off the drink and then the intention to stay that way, which then usually gives in to peer pressure and lack of self motivation. Of course it doesn’t have to be like this and it’s easy to keep that awesome ‘high on life’ buzz going long after July.

All you need to do is set yourself some realistic goals, make a plan to achieve them and throw in a little willpower to get you there.

Set your goals.

Whatever it is that has got you drunk on life while being sober in July, think about this multiplied over a few months. If you’re exercising more, just how fit can you get?  If you’re loving the extra pictures of the queen in your wallet on Monday mornings, how much could that add up to in 6 months or a year? Take a look on Mozo’s vice calculator but beware the results could leave you with an uneasiness when you see how much of your hard earned cash goes into liquidation.

Make a plan to get there

This is more like setting mini goals and being honest with yourself. With savings you could set yourself a budget and plan your spending. If you’re not planning to quit alcohol completely, set yourself a  drinking budget every month and put the rest of what you would usually spend into an online savings account. This has the dual bonus of earning you interest on what you put away plus making it a little more difficult to give in to temptation when you need to transfer funds over to buy another round.

Keep Motivated

Coax your partner/friend to commit with you. Soberness loves company (just kidding) but it is definitely more fun to share a challenge and even better celebrate a common victory.

Keep in mind the overall purpose of the event. Keep fundraising and know you’re doing it for the good of others.

Acknowledge when you reach a goal and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

Has Dry July inspired you to reach a goal? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.
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