10 Father’s Day gag gifts for under $50

10 Father’s Day gag gifts for under $50

How are you going to spoil your goofy but lovable dad this Father’s Day? If you are like many Aussies who enjoy a good laugh, Dad’s Day is the one time of year a cheeky present or two doesn’t go astray.

So forget those drab pair of socks or shaving set that you’ve given him for the past few years, instead look outside the box for some truly weird and wonderful Father’s Day gifts for under $50.

Here are 10 wacky gifts that won’t blow your budget:

1. The beer belt – $24.95

This stylish gift will not only brighten up your father’s everyday apparel but will ensure he never has to reach far for his next beverage.


2. Wine glass holder necklace – $14.95

Does your dad prefer a glass of Shiraz over a schooner? Another innovative product for the boozy dad, is a simple lanyard that securely holds a glass of wine.


3. Adult bib – $19.75

Gone are the days of messy spaghetti meals ruining your dad’s favourite flannel shirt. Adult bibs not only shield your dad from his sloppy eating but come in a range of patterns and styles, from Ninja Turtles to floral prints.


4. Star Wars Yoda bathrobe – $48.15

Let the force be with your dad this Father’s Day by giving him his very own cool Yoda bathrobe – the fleece is super comfy and the waisted belt is flattering too.


5. Beard pack – $27.65

With the beard trend making a massive comeback thanks largely to hipsters everywhere, it’s not an uncommon sight to see a dad rocking a furry face. If your dad’s whiskers are looking a bit wild give him a Beard Pack that comes with everything from beard oil to moustache wax.


6. Bacon air freshener – $6.00

The bacon air freshener dispenses a delicious aroma of sweet bacon, making it the ultimate gift for any carnivorous father.


7. Daddy’s diaper tool belt – $44.29

The diaper tool belt has everything a newbie dad needs to tackle the duties of fatherhood…goggles for any overspray whilst changing nappies and a toxic waste bucket to dump the doodoo.


8. Anti snore pillow – $32.33

Is your dad shaking the house with his epic snoring? Now you can combat his nasal vibrations with the anti snore pillow that’s comfy design helps battle blockage.


9. Man cave sign – $21.95

Whether it’s a shed or a garage, a man cave is usually the one place a dad can get away from it all. Help your dad protect his fortress from intruders, like you, with his very own man cave sign.


10. Tungtoos (tattoos for your tongue) – $12.10

Forget fake tattoos on your arm, give your dad the present of a colourful tongue for Father’s Day. Tungtoos come in a range of candy flavours, making it a delicious way to say thank you dad.


*prices exclude postage and handling.

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