8 Valentine’s Day gifts for under $40

8 Valentine’s Day gifts for under $40

The Beatles once sang that “money can’t buy me love”. And yet, every time Valentine’s Day rolls around we forget that great wisdom imparted by John, Paul, George and Ringo, and instead decide to behave like old mate Jay-Z, who once gave his wife Beyonce an ISLAND to show her he cared.

But, despite what the jewellery stores might be telling you, the goal of Valentine’s Day isn’t just to spend February’s pay check. Show your significant other you really care with one of these thoughtful – and easy on the wallet – gifts.

1. Printable Love Coupon Book – $6.62


For those love birds who left the Valentine’s Day shopping until the night before, this coupon book comes as a PDF link, so you can print it out and fill it in with things you know your Valentine will enjoy like a 30 minute foot massage.

2. Valentine’s Day Coffee Mug – $19.87


Truer words were never spoken.

3. Star Wars Necklaces – $39.99


If your love is like Princess Leia and Hans Solo’s, show it with these star wars I love you necklaces.

4. A day cruise – $40 approx


Red Balloon has plenty of Valentine’s Day experiences at discounted rates. At the time of writing, two $20 bills could have got you a High Tea cruise on Sydney Harbour, or a day cruise around Victoria’s Phillip Island.

5. Heart Socks – $12.00


Socks as a present? While once shameful, now many appreciate the irony.

6. Books for children in need – $22.00


One for the avid reader who’s read every new release: just over $20 will send three story books to kids in a developing country through UNICEF’s ‘Inspired Gifts’ online store.

7. ‘10 Things I Love About You’ Box – $35.29


10 cute reasons why you love your partner printed out and put in a box. Does what it says on the box, really.

8. Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt – $30.52


You could pay for this adorable box and set of clues. But, if money’s really tight, a homemade version would work just as well.

*Prices exclude postage and handling

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