9 weeks ’til Xmas: Taking on the do more with less approach

9 weeks ’til Xmas: Taking on the do more with less approach

Did you know October is Buy Nothing New Month, where everyday Australians just like you take on the challenge of making no new purchases for 31 days? We’ve asked Buy Nothing New founder Tamara DiMattina to share her top tips for bringing down the cost of the silly season by doing more with less. Here’s her advice:

A year-round approach to conscious consumption means more money, less stress come Christmas time.

1. Shop like The New Joneses

The New Joneses is a campaign that encourages Australians to think before any purchase, ‘Do I really need this?’ Can I make do without, can I borrow it, swap it, buy it second hand or rent it? A conscious approach to spending can save about 40% of your salary each month.

2. Source Everything Possible Secondhand

Find the best op shop in town. Some are rubbish, but by finding a gem with quality in an up market area, you will save a fortune and look fabulous. They are great for kids gifts like toys, books and knickknacks.

3. Buy Nothing New for a Week

It’s not too late to get involved in October’s Buy Nothing New challenge. Make your own pledge to buy nothing new for a week instead. Depending on current shopping habits, you can save around $50-$100 a week by taking the thoughtful approach to shopping.

4. Love Food, Hate Waste

Shop to a list. Aussies chuck away $7.8 billion worth of food a year. Shop to a list, buy only what you need, use up everything you have, be creative with using leftovers, make them into lunch to take to work.

5. Shop Your Wardrobe During Silly Season

Have a friend take a second look at what you already have, how you can put outfits together differently. Enlist fresh eyes to develop a whole new, FREE look!

6. Presence not Presents

Most studies say ‘stuff’ doesn’t make us happy. Sharing time, experiences and memories with mates and loved ones create more lasting value and happiness than ‘stuff’. Give your time, or an experience. Tickets, adventures, massages all make great, thoughtful gifts without wrapping and the Christmas ‘excess’ guilt trip.

7. Make it Memorable

If you want to give a ‘thing’ why not make it? We reckon making batches of cookies, spiced nuts, Christmas puddings etc are a more fun way to enjoy Christmas than driving around shopping centres, looking for a park, then giving all your money away in return for ‘stuff’ people possibly don’t want anyway…

By following these tips you could save anywhere between $50 and $500 in the 9 weeks left until Christmas.


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