Monday moneyvator: Gents, cut the cost of looking good

Monday moneyvator: Gents, cut the cost of looking good

Last week we stumbled across some findings by Just for Men that revealed 28% of Australian females and 30% of males subconsciously find men with natural looking treated hair more desirable than gray haired men. And when it came to who Aussie gents viewed as “beauty icons”, the Hemsworth Brothers and Hugh Jackman took out the top spots.

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As a money saving website, these findings got us wondering – “How much do Aussie men really spend on looking good?”

You might be surprised to hear that according to a recent Suncorp survey, men actually spend more than women in a month. To be exact 37% more on shoes compared to women ($164/$120), 56% more on hair products ($100/$64), and a whopping 78% more on fashion accessories ($201/$113).

This could say two things about Aussie males

  1. They don’t mind splurging on top quality apparel and products
  2. Budgeting just ain’t their thing

While we are not going to tell Aussie gents to lay off the purchases for a month in order to save, what we will do is offer some budget tips for cutting the cost of looking good. We’ve scoured the net and found these top tips provided by male grooming and styling experts:

1. Shop online

It might seem obvious to jump on the net to find the best prices for everything from your street wear to your aftershave but there’s a lot more to bringing down the cost of an item than just pressing the “check out” button.

Take these online tips from men’s fashion blog

  • With men’s apparel, try on the piece in the retail store first to see which size fits you best then find it online for a lower price, that way you’ll avoid the cost of having to send an ill fitting item back.
  • Check out online marketplaces like eBay, that often offer “replicas” of high end items at a much more budget friendly price.
  • Search online for promo and coupon codes before checking out.

2. Create a list of what you need

Whether you prefer to purchase online or instore, the same rule applies: only buy what you actually need. Take a look inside your wardrobe to workout what you already have and what you can build on. The men’s lifestyle website uses the following example: “Don’t fall into the trap of buying something because it’s heavily on sale. A $600 suit marked down to $250 still means you have to spend $250.”

3. Hit up your local thrift store

Thanks to Macklemore, picking up some vintage threads at your local thrift store, like Vinnies and the Salvation Army is the thing to do these days. This blog from suggests visiting several secondhand stores is the best way to hunt down a budget friendly piece, which can usually be bought for a quarter of the price of a new item.

4. Slip slop slap

Last but not least, this tip is an investment for the future and will save you forking out big bucks for expensive moisturisers and eye creams down the track. Want proof sunscreen works wonders? An Australian study showed people who wear sunscreen are 24% less likely to have ageing skin than people who only use sunscreen occasionally.

Have we missed any top ways to cut the cost of looking good? Share your tips in the comments below.

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