Monday moneyvator: Jetsetters, meet the world sooner

Monday moneyvator: Jetsetters, meet the world sooner

When I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day a hashtag caught my eye – #meetheworld. And I thought what a perfect phrase to describe why I am such a travel addict.

Whether it’s trekking Base Camp in Nepal or chilling on the beaches of Phuket, my whole reason for travelling is to get to know different landscapes, cultures and people.

If you’re like me and have been hit with the travel bug hard, then you probably relate. So I thought this week’s Monday moneyvator post had to be around fulfilling that desire to travel.

Here are a few of my tips to getting on that overseas holiday sooner.

1. Give up something

Is there a purchase/habit/item in your everyday life that you could give up? Whether it be a bad habit like binge drinking or simply your second takeaway coffee in the day, saying goodbye to it while you’re saving for your holiday is sure to be a nice boost to your holiday stash. One thing I did when I was saving for my last holiday, was put a ban on any shopping, which saved me around $400 – instead I put that towards my souvenir shopping whilst on holiday!

2. Set up a savings plan

There’s nothing worse than heading overseas without enough money and relying on your credit card alone. So take some time to plan before you leave and ensure you’re putting away money into a savings account after each paycheck. Also ensure the account you have is earning you a decent amount of interest. Take the ME Online Savings Account for instance, it offers a rate of 3.35% if you “tap and go” at least once a week on your linked ME EveryDay Transaction Account.

3. Buy stuff second hand

On my last trip I needed to purchase all sorts of gear that I knew I wasn’t going to use again e.g waterproof pants in the case it rained on the trek. Brand new I was looking at paying around $80, but instead I hopped online and found the same thing (never been used) for just $30 on Gumtree.

4. Borrow

And for the items you can’t find online, use your network to see if any of your friends or family have it for you to borrow.

5. Werk, werk, werk

If saving on your current income for your overseas holiday, is taking you what seems like forever then consider taking on extra work on the side. Whether it’s becoming an Uber driver or doing odd jobs on AirTasker, every little bit of extra cash counts!

How will you meet the world sooner?

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