Monday moneyvator: Spring clean your wardrobe this National Op Shop Week

Monday moneyvator: Spring clean your wardrobe this National Op Shop Week

Is your closet packed to the brim with clothes you hardly wear? Well, with this week being National Op Shop Week – running from 21 to 27 August – now is the perfect opportunity to put those unused threads to good use by donating them to a local charity like the Red Cross, the Smith Family, Salvos or Anglicare.

Here are some tips for successfully getting involved.

Tip 1# Only donate clothes you’d give to a friend

Think about it, if you wouldn’t pass on a hand-me-down to someone you know, then it’s probably not going to be sellable in an op-shop. So when you’re sorting through your closet, only put aside clothes that are in a good condition, without any rips or broken zippers. According to the National Op Shop Week website while a missing button is ok, you should aim to make any repairs you can before donating, so that the clothes are in a saleable condition.

Tip 2# Pack the garments carefully

Even if your clothes are in a top-notch condition, when they are placed in the charity bin they can become damaged by items other people have donated. So place your clothes in a box or a bag, without the hangers – which can cause tears and rips to the clothes – and also make sure that items like shoes are in the same bag, and if they have laces tied together. The same goes for items like socks or gloves, which National Op Shop Week recommends stuffing into one another, to avoid the pairs losing each other.

Tip 3# Shop up a storm at your local op shop

Last but not least, take advantage of all that free space in your wardrobe by purchasing some pre-loved clothes for yourself. Before you hit up your local op shop, have a think about the items you need (e.g new work blazer, jeans), so that you’re only purchasing items that will add value to your closet. Also think long term, while you might have spring attire on your mind, now is the perfect time to pick up winter items that are out of season at a great bargain price.

Have fun op-shopping till you drop!

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