Monday moneyvator: Haggle down your electricity bill before summer hits

Monday moneyvator: Haggle down your electricity bill before summer hits

I received a shocker of an electricity bill this month – $507.65 for a two person household. Of course it was my post winter bill, so I understand that it should be slightly higher than my usual $315 in electricity charges but by around $200 more seemed a bit excessive to me.

So I decided to see if I was an insane energy hog during winter or if the higher bill was due to my provider upping their prices. And as it turns out, when I compared my current supply charge against others in the market, I found my provider was charging around $100 more than competitors like Dodo Power & Gas.

I decided it was time to pick up the phone and give them a call. I’ll be honest I’m not a natural haggler, and find the whole experience a bit daunting, so I used an online script and simply told the salesperson I had “shopped around and found much better rates from your competitors”.

All it took was that one line and I was given a 22% pay on time discount for all my future bills. On a $507.65 bill that would bring it down to $396, next time around. It simply goes to show, you never know what discounts are available for those who are willing to ask.

So if you’ve received a sky high post winter energy bill for the last quarter, if you do one thing this week, make it haggling to ensure your summer bill isn’t the same.

And before you go, arm yourself with these quick haggling tips…

1. Get some quotes from other energy providers. If you think you’re being overcharged, use an online energy comparison tool to see what challenger brands are offering for your usage. For me, there was no hesitation from the customer rep to give me a discount, when I could prove they were charging me $100 more than their competitors.

2. Use your history. If you’re always on time with your payments then this is another factor you can use in your favour, as your energy company won’t want to lose a good customer.

3. Be polite. I more than anyone, understand receiving a sky high bill can be annoying but getting your frustrations out on the customer service rep isn’t the best way to go, as they’ll be less likely to want to help you out. Instead be friendly and show them the facts that you can get a better deal elsewhere and you’re a customer worth having.

Want to give haggling a go? Try out Mozo’s utility bill negotiating script here.

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