Experiment: Lotto tickets vs savings interest – Jan-Mar

Experiment: Lotto tickets vs savings interest – Jan-Mar

Time to break out the plastic goggles and white coat, because here at She’s on The Money, we’re about to get Science-y.

You know how they say – “You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery”? Well, I’ve always liked a challenge, especially when it comes to growing my money.

So, this year, I’m embarking on a rigorously scientific (i.e. I made a spreadsheet for it) experiment to see if winning lotto is a viable method of skyrocketing to Kardashian levels of wealth fast, or if I’m better off with the safe route of a high interest savings account.

The experiment:

I’m giving myself one hundred hypothetical dollars each week in 2017, and testing what kind of return I would get from

  1. Being a rate tart and jumping ship to the highest earning savings account each week
  2. Using it to buy an Oz Lotto ticket (in fact, it would be buying 74 lotto games for $97.15 each week, because that’s the closest I could get to a neat $100. I’ll chalk the change up to a win)

I’m working out the best savings account rate using Mozo’s comparison tool, and for the lotto tickets, I’ve randomly generated 74 lots of 7 numbers, and will be checking them against the weekly Oz Lotto draws.

Obviously, I won’t really be buying the lotto tickets, because I do want to come out of this experiment able to pay my rent, and I hate to be biased at the beginning of a science experiment, but I can’t see it making me a millionaire.

Get out your bunsen burners and test tubes, because here we go.


According to thelott.com, the odds of having four matching numbers with 12 games are 13:1. But with interest rates the way they are these days, I’m half convinced that’s the better option anyway.

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

Nevertheless, I found the best savings account on offer in January was a 4 month introductory rate of 3.05%.

Ah, the Lotto. The golden ticket of my dreams. Out of the 296 games I played in the month, I won twice, and even then it was only with four matching numbers.

Total savings with interest: $401.02

Total winnings: $56.40

Running total: -$332.20

January winner: savings account

(Surprising no one.)


As my saving experiment continues through the month of love, things are looking pretty one-sided. The best savings account is still at 3.05% despite doom and gloom as far as interest rates go and the Lotto is disappointing and soul crushing, as expected.

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

My savings account is chugging along. At the moment, it’s overwhelmingly made up of deposits, and the interest is pretty dismal at best. But at least I’m not losing money.

This month, despite playing my 296 games, I managed to win nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. It would be really sad, except that this is pretty much the outcome I was expecting.

Total savings with interest: $803.05 Total winnings: $0

Running total: -$720.80

February winner: savings account


Global Money Week is just about over, which makes this a fitting time to update my very scientific foray into the world of lotto tickets. So without further ado…

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

The best savings rate is still 3.05% and I’ve now got a comma in my account. Dolla, dolla bills ya’ll. I won on three different tickets this month, which was exciting. But I am still losing money superman style – that is to say, faster than a speeding bullet.
Total savings with interest: $1,206.11 Total winnings: $76.85

Running total: -$633.95

March winner: savings account

Guess what? You’ve fallen behind – there are newer entries in my experimental log. You can find them here.

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