Lotto tickets vs savings interest: April – June

Lotto tickets vs savings interest: April – June

This is post two of my incredibly by-the-book foray into science. If you missed the first post, it’s over here.

To recap, here’s the gist of my 2017 lotto vs savings experiment:

I’ve got a crisp, hypothetical $100 note each week this year to spend how I see fit. I’m testing two investment strategies to see which one pays off. They are:

  1. Sticking my savings in the best savings account I can find, just like my nan would want.
  2. Buying an Oz Lotto ticket every week, just like my uncle Ron who’s permanently uninvited to Christmas would want. That’s 74 lotto games for $97.15 each week, because that’s the closest I could get to a neat hundy.

So far, the savings account has been wiping the floor with Lotto tickets. If nothing else, this experiment will serve to turn me off gambling for the rest of my life.

Here’s how April panned out:


This month has been crazy. Banks have been mucking about with interest rates, hiking and cutting all over the place. It’s exhausting.

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

Despite the banks treating interest rates like their own personal yo-yo, the best savings account rate remains at 3.05% from ME. The Lotto, at least, remains constant, in that I won a whole heap of nothing.
Total savings with interest: $1,610.19

Total winnings: Zilch. Nada. Zip.

Running total: -$1,022.55. Ouch.

April winner: savings account



Things have been pretty quiet on the savings front in May. But the RBA is backing away from a rate hike, which isn’t particularly good news for my fake savings account.

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

The best savings rate is still 3.05%, but it’s now available from three places – ME, RaboDirect and Coastline Credit Union. I actually got two (minor) wins this month. Which is better than the zero wins I got last month.
Total savings with interest: $2,015.30 Total winnings: $44.50

Running total: -$1,366.65

May winner: savings account


Let’s be honest. Savings rates are tanking. It’s not looking good. And yet, amid all the panic about savings rates staying at rock bottom, the outlook for my lotto tickets isn’t looking any better.

Savings account

Oz Lotto ticket

3.05% is still the best rate, available from the last bastion of decent interest returns, RaboDirect. Another couple of minor wins this month, but not enough. Not nearly enough.
Total savings with interest: $2,421.44 Total winnings: $48.45

Running total: -$1,706.75

June winner: savings account

Tune in at the end of July to see how next month goes – you never know, I could get lucky and hit the jackpot. In which case, should I be happy, or incredibly bitter? Tough call.

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