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Bank of Queensland Low Rate Visa Credit Card

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Purchase rate
0% p.a. for 6 months then 13.49% p.a.
Balance transfer rate
0% p.a. for 6 months and then 21.49% p.a.
Annual fees
Interest free days on purchases

Mozo editorial review Bank of Queensland Low Rate Visa Credit Card - last updated: 3 November 2021

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What's hot
  • 0% p.a. balance transfer rate for 6 months
  • $0 balance transfer fee
  • Up to 55 interest-free days
What's not
  • 21.49% cash advance rate
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Bank of Queensland's Low Rate credit card offers all the utility of a Visa credit card (including Visa Paywave), as well as a low standard 13.49% p.a. purchase rate. If that wasn't good enough though, for a limited time the card also comes with a 0% purchase rate, available for the first 6 months. Not to mention the 0% balance transfer rate offer, also for 6 months, which could help cardholders with existing debt pay it off faster and interest free (offer ends 31 January 2022).

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Key features

The usual 13.49% p.a. purchase rate and relatively low $55 annual fee justify this credit card's 'Low Rate' title, but the practicalities don't stop there.

If you're looking to move any existing credit card debt over to a better rate the 0% balance transfer offer for 6 months could be the answer. If you take up the balance transfer, be sure to pay it off in the interest free period, otherwise you will find yourself paying the high cash advance rate of 21.49% on the remaining balance. Your balance transfer must also not exceed 80% of your credit card limit.

Along with the 0% balance transfer offer, there's also a 0% purchase rate offer for the first six months (after which the purchase rate will revert back to 13.49% p.a.). Just keep in mind that if you are using the card to pay off an existing balance, it might not be a good idea to make any other purchases. To be eligible for both of these offers, you must apply for the the card by 31 January 2022. 

And although the Bank of Queensland Low Rate Visa offers 55 days interest-free on purchases, there is a sure fire way to make sure your balance is paid off by the deadline. Sign up for Easi-Pay and have your repayments automatically deducted straight from your everyday transaction account at the end of every month.

However, using the Bank of Queensland Low Rate Visa at the hole in the wall could leave a large hole in your pocket, with all cash advances charged at a high 21.49%.

Similarly, consider the 3.40% foreign exchange margin before using your Bank of Queensland Low Rate card to pay for goods when overseas or shopping online.

Who is it good for

The Bank of Queensland Low Rate Visa is a great match for anyone with a practical head on their shoulders, offering all the benefits of a credit card with minimum risk of falling into a high interest debt trap.

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Any catches

If you take up the balance transfer offer be sure to keep your eye on the diary or you could find yourself paying the high 21.49% cash advance rate at the end of the 6 month intro period.


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13.49% p.a.

0% p.a. for 6 months

0% p.a. for 6 months and then 21.49% p.a.


21.49% p.a.








3.5%, min $3.50










Payment options

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

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