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Low interest credit cards

If you're on the hunt for a new or replacement credit card why wouldn't you choose one that has the lowest interest rate? Low interest cards, or low rate cards generally have an interest rate of 14% p.a. or less. With many credit card interest rates over 20% p.a., you may be wondering what the catch is with low interest cards. Read on as we outline the key features of low interest cards and explain some of the differences between their higher interest counterparts.

    What types of low interest cards are available?

    Features of low interest rate cards, what should I look for? 

    What fees could I pay with a low interest card?

    Are low rate cards for everyone?

    How much could I save with a low rate card?

Credit Card Reviews

Citi credit card review

Overall rating   10 / 10

The Best Customer Service and Competitive Premiums

Nothing is ever too hard for the call centre to assist with. I have only ever had the one credit card and that is with Citibank. They are the best.

Full review

Karen (TAS), reviewed 1 day ago

Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank credit card review

Overall rating   6 / 10

reduce annual fees

My card was scanned whilst in a shopping centre and $16,000 was deducted without my knowledge. CBA called me before I even knew it had happened, and fixed the entire situation! I take banking seriously now and CBA protected me from significant...

Full review

Sofia (QLD), reviewed 3 days ago

Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank credit card review

Overall rating   9 / 10

Easy Access

Customer service is good.

Full review

Jacalyn (NSW), reviewed 6 days ago

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