Low interest credit cards

Low interest credit cards are a cheap way to manage your purchases if you, ahem, forget to pay off the total balance from time to time. While many credit cards charge 20% or more on purchases, low interest rates can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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Where can I find low interest credit cards?

Most credit card providers now offer low interest rate deals - and they're perfect for people with a little credit debt, as you'll avoid disastrously high interest payments and pay off your debt faster. However, you'll usually encounter an annual fee and little in the way of a rewards program.

Do I need the lowest rate credit card or a balance transfer?

Good question! So good, in fact, we can't answer it here. But with a couple of quick details our Credit Card Switch and Save calculator can answer it in seconds (it's that much cleverer than us).

Can I apply online for a low rate credit card?

Indeed you can - simply hit the 'go to site' button to the right of your low interest rate credit card and we'll shoot you through to an online credit card application with the provider.

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Low interest credit cards

If you're on the hunt for a new or replacement credit card why wouldn't you choose one that has the lowest interest rate? Low interest cards, or low rate cards generally have an interest rate of 14% p.a. or less. With many credit card interest rates over 20% p.a., you may be wondering what the catch is with low interest cards. Read on as we outline the key features of low interest cards and explain some of the differences between their higher interest counterparts.

What types of low interest cards are available?

Features of low interest rate cards, what should I look for? 

What fees could I pay with a low interest card?

Are low rate cards for everyone?

How much could I save with a low rate card?

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