How to keep cool during summer and avoid blazing energy bills without air-con

Put simply, you’re either a summer person or you’re not. And if the sound of waves crashing and the opportunity to get a glowing tan is not your cup of (iced) tea, then we’re guessing your summer will probably be spent indoors. But by doing this, you run the risk of sending your energy bill through the roof. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your cool over summer without the air-con.  

Be cool like the other side of the pillow (literally)

An unfortunate truth during summer is that the nights are harder than the days. You’re sticky, uncomfortable and for some reason, you want the doona to help you snooze - with the air-con still on, of course. Kick this costly habit by filling a hot water bottle up halfway before wrapping it in a towel and sticking in the freezer for a couple of hours before bed. All that’s left to do is slide it under your pillow for some sweet (and cool) dreams.

Challenge yourself with a few cold shower

Summer means all things chilled and cold, so put your willpower to the test by experimenting with a cold shower challenge. Having a cold shower will not only trim your energy bill, but they’re proven to be great for your health too!  

Mooch of someone else's chill zone

Psst, I’ll let you in on a little secret - there is a way to relish in the beauty of a high quality aircon: it’s called mooching of someone else’s. When the heat becomes unbearable, head out to your local shopping centre to take advantage of the free air conditioning. But if you’re a confessed shopaholic who’s trying to cut back, libraries also make for a cool spot and are filled with books, movies and even WiFi.

Spritz your way to comfort

Because sometimes all you need to cool down is some chilled water sprayed onto your face. Grab a few empty spray bottles, fill them up with water and start spritzing! Kids will also get a kick out of this as they’ll have hours of fun spraying each other - just be sure to keep them away from the electrical stuff when all this goes down.

Cheat on your air-con with a fan

For this next tip, you’re going to have to break your air conditioner’s heart by sneaking around with something small, almost silent but a lot more energy efficient: a fan. Having a few fans around the house is a great way to cool down and unlike an air-con, you won’t be wasting the cool air and energy on an empty room! Just be sure to opt for a silent one if you plan to use it during the night.

Get hydrating

We’ve all been reminded at least once in our lives to drink water during summer, and here’s this year’s reminder to start chugging! It’s simple science, really. In summer we sweat a lot more than usual, making us dehydrated and more likely to overheat. Sipping on ice cold water throughout the day can help bring your body temperature down and keep you as far away from heat stroke as possible.

Lather yourself in Aloe Vera

Whether you choose to stay under or out of the sun’s way, you know that Aloe Vera is often used to relieve sunburns. However, the chilling effect gels give off can bring down body heat, keeping you cool and refreshed. It also smells great, just saying.

Switch to a better value plan

One of the biggest ways you can reduce your energy bill and have a chill summer involves a computer or laptop, a few of your energy details and our Energy Cost Cruncher. In fact, Mozo data found that Aussies could be saving close to $1,000 on their energy bills by switching providers. This way, you won’t need to part ways with your air-con ever again.

And as the country braces itself for the hottest summer to date, it’s time to switch providers. Head over to our Energy Cost Cruncher, fill in a few details and you’re on your way.


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