Australia may be summer ready, but don’t get too comfortable with your energy bill

Aussies across the country may no longer have to live in fear of blackouts this summer, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) 2017/18 ‘summer readiness’ report.

Following the closure of the Victorian Hazelwood Power Station, the AEMO has managed to locate close to 2,000 MW of extra power to combat potential supply disruptions, specifically in Victoria and South Australia, during summer.

Laying out a method to ensure that Australia is ‘summer ready’, the report focused on the importance of “maximising network availability” through upgrading resources, practising risk management strategies along with ongoing, open communication between the AEMO and the government in relation to their own summer preparedness.

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“As the independent market and system operator, AEMO primary role is to maintain system balance by procuring resources to meet the demands of the system at a time and at a location where it is necessary.”

The AEMO also identified limited gas availability as a potential risk for eastern and south-eastern markets, which again is set to be resolved through partnerships within the industry as well as the Federal Government.

Public engagement is also crucial “given the level of public interest in energy,” through ENERGYLive - a website which will deliver information and news to the public, encouraging informed conversations about energy.

“AEMO is confident that we have taken all the necessary actions – and then some – to make sure we are ready,” said Ms Zibelman.

And while it appears that air-cons are good to go for summer, Aussies are reminded to still keep an eye on their energy usage and take necessary precautions to prevent or lower sky-high bills, like switching providers.

With energy bills increasing by 18% in NSW alone over the past year, Mozo data found that Aussies in NSW could save $481 on their annual bill by switching providers. Other switching savings included $929 in Victoria, $737 in South Australia and $532 in Queensland.

“Our research shows that many households can actually offset their bill increase and still have savings to bank by switching to a cheaper energy plan,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

Mozo's tips to getting your household 'summer ready'

Use nature to your advantage - While it makes sense to shield your home from the heat during the day by drawing the curtains, once the sun goes down, it’s time to let the world in. Make the effort to switch off the air-con at night and instead use the cool breeze to keep you comfortable. 

Get grilling - Using the oven during summer can make your home unbearably hot, so opt to use your grill to cook instead. Besides, grilling your food is supposedly a healthier way to cook your meals!

Do right by your air-con - Give your air-con the chance to work at its best by changing the evaporator coil as well as replacing its filters. This typically needs to be done once a year.

Scrap your thick sheets - If you find yourself  waking up already drenched in sweat, it may be time to change up your bed sheets. Before summer really hits, replace your current sheets with bamboo or cotton sheets - these are great sweat-wicking fabrics and are more breathable to keep you cool.

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