3 ways to reduce your energy use with a digital detox

From back-to-back Zoom meetings to unwinding with a Netflix series at the end of the day, Aussie households have spent more time than ever in front of their screens. And if you’re finding it harder to switch off, you could be due for a digital detox. 

A digital detox involves shutting off or steering clear of technology for a period of time. Studies have found that doing this every now and then can improve your concentration, boost your mental health and reduce stress. And if you do it regularly enough, it could even make a difference to your energy usage! 

So, if you’re keen to give digital detoxing a go, here are three ways to ensure both your brain and energy use get a well deserved break. 

Spend time outside tech-less 

While we don’t have to tell you the good some time in the sun can do, we can remind you to make sure your phone, tablet or laptop are left inside. Soak up some vitamin D the right way by spending a couple of hours a day outside with a book.

Reading for at least 30 minutes a day can improve your concentration, sleep patterns and of course, keep your energy use at bay. 

Make a phone call when catching up 

It’s no secret that things like Skype, Facetime and webchat have changed the way we communicate with each other. But while catching up with a friend over Facetime is good for the soul, at the end of the day you’re still using another screen. 

Studies have shown that screen-to-screen meetings can take a toll on our physical energy levels, as we have to work harder to gauge facial expressions and body language. And since you’re using your phone’s camera, microphone, speakers and the Wifi circuit all at once, your smartphone’s battery will start to feel pretty drained too! So if you are looking to call up a friend, try to keep it voices-only. 

Keep the TV off

Since a lot of us still haven’t been able to head back into the office yet, one common way to mimic regular office noise is to leave the TV on as background noise. However, Mozo research found that keeping the TV on for an extra four hours a day can add $80 to your energy bill over 6 months. Not to mention that having the TV on can become a serious distraction while working from home. So the next time you’re in need of some noise while you work, try downloading a free app that plays background sounds while work, like White Noise.

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