5 tips to reduce your pool’s energy usage and trim your power bill

By Ceyda Erem ·

Summer has officially left the building and for pool owners across the country, that means saying goodbye to afternoon tanning and late night dips. But rather than wait around for the weather to heat up again, there are a few things you can do now to reduce your pool’s energy usage not only for winter, but all year round.

Use a pool cover

No matter the time of year, leaves, dirt and other bits and pieces land in pools, which is then picked up and removed by the filter. The harder the filter has to work, the more energy it uses. So to keep costs low and the dirt out of your pool, it might be worth picking up a pool cover to keep out excess dirt and debris. It’s also a great accessory to have during the colder months when the pool isn’t being used as much.

Regularly clean your pool’s filter

And speaking of filters, make sure you’re giving yours a good clean every now and again. Because just like having dirt in your pool, a clogged filter will suck up more energy to get the job done. Be sure to clean your pool’s filter at least once a month to ensure it’s working to capacity and to keep it from sending your energy bill through the roof.

Switch to LED lights

For many pool owners, nothing beats a night swim during the summertime, not to mention swimming amongst the lights underwater. But those cool lights can cost quite a bundle if they’re being used frequently. LED light bulbs not only use significantly less energy than regular light bulbs, they also tend to last a lot longer too!

Downsize your pool pump

Although you may think that having a massive pool pump is essential to keeping your pool in top shape, that’s not always the case. Most of the time, a larger pump can mean more maintenance costs and a smaller, more efficient pump, can do the job just as well. But if you’re not keen to switch out your pool pump, try decreasing the number of filtering cycles.

Consider investing in solar

Our last tip might seem a bit drastic, but going solar with your electricity can reduce power bills over time. Using solar can help you power your pool with free electricity that’s generated through your panels, while your electricity provider provides the rest of the power that your panels don’t supply. 

So whether you’re considering switching to solar or are after better value energy plan, our energy comparison tool can help you compare some of the available plans in your area. And if you’re after more ways to save on your energy bill, check out our energy saving tips section!

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Ceyda Erem
Ceyda Erem
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