Autumn energy tips for when the weather can’t make up its mind

Autumn has well and truly arrived. Or has it?

The start of Autumn can sometimes feel like we’re stuck in between seasons, where one day it’s warm and it’s cold the next. In fact, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia is set for a drier, warmer than average autumn. And for many confused Aussies, this means tossing up between shorts or a jumper every morning.

But while a wardrobe crisis can cause enough turmoil for some, switching between the aircon and heating system can cause a spike in your energy bill, which could be a more serious problem.  

So to help you keep warm (or cool) this Autumn, without having to turn on your aircon or heater, why not give these energy saving tips a go…

While it’s still warm…

Pull out the fan

Humidity or a stuffy room can make even the most zen Aussies irritable. So the next time you find yourself reaching for the aircon to ease your discomfort, switch the fan on instead. Unlike air conditioning, fans only cool one room and are a much more cost effective solution, as research suggests that fans use less energy than the aircons. 

Accept the breeze as your new best friend

One of the best things about autumn is that even if we sweat through the day, we know we can usually look forward to a cool night. Use this to your advantage by opening all the windows in your home to ventilate the rooms and let the cool air in. Then when you wake up, close the house up so the sun doesn’t reheat the room. Not only does the chilly breeze mean you’ll get to keep costs low, but you’ll also be able to sleep comfortably.

Locate the freebies

But if you’re someone who can’t live without a little air conditioning in your life, one sneaky way to get your fix and stay cool might be to hit up your local shopping centre for some free aircon. Or if you’ve got pesky spending habit, a budget-friendly alternative might be to visit museums or art galleries over the weekend to soak up some culture and air conditioning.

When a cold snap hits…

Rug up

The first sign of chillier weather can see many Aussies running to the nearest heating system, and it’s not surprising considering we’ve just sweated through another intense summer. But the next time you feel chillier than normal, dust off your favourite jumper or wrap yourself up in a thick, woollen rug instead of turning on the heater.

Embrace hot foods

Cooler days in autumn are the perfect excuse to test out a range of soup or stew recipes, just be sure that heaps of vegetables are on the ingredients list! Root vegetables, like carrots, potato and kale are known to increase heat in the body because more energy is required to digest them.

Everyone knows that during colder weather, our hands and feet are the first parts of our body to go cold. So for dessert, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate to keep your hands toasty warm.

Use the sun wherever you can

Another good thing about autumn is that the sun still shines in many parts of Australia. During the day, open all your blinds and let the sun naturally warm your home. And once you notice the sun going down, shut them to keep the heat inside the rooms.

Using the sun to dry your clothes is also a great way to use the sun’s warmth to your advantage.

But no matter the weather, one of the biggest ways you can make a difference to your energy bill this autumn is to switch to a better value plan. So if you’d like to compare some of the energy plans available in your area, check out our energy comparison tool. 

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