Energy Myth Busters: 5 common power misconceptions debunked

We’ve all probably been given an energy saving tip that we’ve wondered, “is that actually true?”

Often these “scientific facts” are little more than tall tales that could actually increase the amount of electricity you consume at home. So to help your hip pocket and of course mother nature, we decided it was about time time to debunk some of the top power misconceptions:

Myth 1# Computer screensavers reduce electricity costs

Not true! While you can download a range of eye catching screensavers these days, from 3D images of the galaxy to trippy psychedelic patterns, the fact is screensavers are a huge energy guzzler. According to Origin Energy computers can use twice the energy to light up the screen as they use for processing. So reduce the cost of electricity by switching off your monitor or entire computer when you’re not using it.

Myth 2# Solar panels don’t collect energy on a cloudy day

While a solar system won’t work to its maximum capacity on overcast days, it will still collect energy at a reduced rate. For example a 4kW solar power system may only output 2kWs of power on a cloudy day.

Myth 3# Taking a bath uses less energy than a shower

When showers and baths went head to head in a recent study, it was found a 10 minute shower with a low-flow (9.5 litres per minute) shower head used 95 litres of water, compared to a bath that used between 114-189 litres. So imagine how much you could save by taking the recommended 3 minute shower!

Myth 4# Appliances don’t consume energy when switched off

Don’t be fooled by an appliance that is turned off at the power point because, some electrical products like laptops and phone charges could continue to churn through power if they haven’t been fully unplugged. So get into the habit of unplugging your tech gadgets when you’re finished using them, to slash your electricity bills.

Myth 5# Lights use less energy switched on

Busted...It is cheaper to turn your lights on and off when leaving a room, than leaving them on when you’re out of the room.

Have we missed any common power misconceptions? Share with us below. Also check out how your electricity bill compares with other electricity plans in your area with Mozo's electricity switch and save tool.


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