How to make the most of Earth Hour and lower your energy bill

This year, Earth Hour begins and ends on the 24th of March - an event which encourages households to switch off their lights for one hour. The goal of Earth Hour is to create awareness about working towards a more sustainable future, but we think it’s also an opportunity to make a difference in your energy bill. So instead of just switching off for just an hour, why not test drive these six energy savings tips all month long…

Raise the stakes

Try participating in a 4-week Earth Hour challenge by switching off all appliances and lights in your home for an hour every night - gradually increasing that hour by five minutes each day. Then, fill up your now free hour with a family walk or some reading by candlelight. Just think, by the time the 24th rolls around, your family will be energy conserving pros!

Get with the times

If the thought of helping your kids do their homework by candlelight is too prehistoric (and a potential fire hazard) for you, keep things modern by replacing your old light bulbs with energy efficient ones like LED or fluorescent bulbs. According to, these types of globes can help households reduce the amount of energy their lighting uses by up to 50% or more!

Let the dryer collect dust

Even though things are starting to get chilly, the sun is showing no signs of disappearing. Whenever you can this month, skip the dryer and instead hang your clothes out on the line to dry. Not only is this routine more gentle on your clothing, it could also help you save some coin on your energy bill.

Seek out other ways to keep warm

Human beings are addicted to comfort, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than shivering. However, when it comes to keeping warm, our quest for comfort could be costing us in the long run. The next time you find yourself running to switch on the heating system, throw on a woolen jumper or a thick blanket over you. Another tip could be to plug any draughts in your home with a door snake, or to close any doors in the rooms you’re not using.

Put pressure on your cooking

We all love a good lamb roast, but did you know that an oven is one of the more costly appliances to run in a home? Get creative in the kitchen by going oven-free for a month and using a pressure cooker instead to make dinner. There are thousands of free recipes available online that range from curry to soup and stews.

Get clean, fast

While there’s nothing more soothing than a long shower, you won’t feel so relaxed when your next energy bill arrives. If your family are notorious for spending too long in the bathroom, you could organise a challenge where each family member competes to take the quickest shower. Although you may need to forego a once loved luxury, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

While embracing the spirit of Earth Hour by making changes to your energy consumption around the house is a good starts, one of the biggest ways you could reduce your bill is by switching energy plans.

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