Best travel insurance for seniors seeking adventure in their golden years

With retirement comes many opportunities to travel the world and go sightseeing in countries you’ve always dreamt of visiting. But what if you suddenly find yourself in a tricky situation while overseas? Maybe you come down with food poisoning, or you lose your suitcase. Getting travel insurance means you’re covered if you ever encounter a blip like this. 

Not sure where to look for travel insurance that suits you? If you’re a senior wanting the broadest and most generous cover Mozo’s 2019 Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance winners are good choices to consider. 

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“Hopefully most trips go smoothly, but whether you're going on your first overseas trip now that you're retired or you've been travelling your whole life, there are so many things that could wrong, so making sure you’ve got the right cover is really important,” Mozo expert judge, Peter Marshall said. 

“Travelling as a senior, things like robust emergency medical cover and even knowing you’ve got an emergency claims service behind you helps put your mind at ease while you see the world.” 

Our expert judges selected Exceptional Quality winners based on what cover and added benefits they include. The assessment was weighted towards important benefits that any traveller, including seniors need, including:

Overseas emergency medical treatment

Chances are you’ve heard the horror stories of people ending up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs after being admitted to hospital overseas. 

Mozo’s 2019 Exceptional Quality Travel and Annual Travel Insurance winners have unlimited overseas emergency medical cover, so you won’t have to worry about being hit by a massive hospital bill if you get sick or injured when travelling abroad.

“Unlimited medical is really important, especially if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have a medical safety net like we do in Australia,” Marshall said.

Trip cancellation 

Life happens, and unexpected events like a family member falling ill can stop you from going on that holiday you’ve planned for months in advance.

“Cancellation cover means that if something comes up that stops you from travelling - for example if a family member is injured or falls ill - you’ll get your money back for the trip, so you’ll be able to go back another day,” Marshall said. 

Depending on the policy, you could be covered for: 

  • Cancellation fees 
  • Lost deposits 
  • Travel agent fees 

Most of Mozo’s 2019 Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance winners provide unlimited cancellation cover, although restrictions and extra conditions may apply for certain circumstances (for instance, if the cancellation is due to a relative’s pre-existing medical condition). 

Lost or stolen luggage and personal effects 

Losing or having your luggage stolen would put a damper on any holiday. But making sure you’re covered even if things go awry can give you consolation that you’ll be able to replace the necessities to comfortably finish your trip and replace your valuables. 

Generally there’s a cap to how much you’ll be compensated, but Mozo’s 2019 Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance winners offer a relatively high limit, ranging from $12,000 to $15,000 per traveller. 

Any catches? 

Keep in mind that some pre-existing medical conditions won’t be covered by your travel insurance. So if you or your partner has a pre-existing condition like asthma, cancer or cardiovascular disease and you’re concerned, be sure to look through Mozo’s guide on the must-knows of pre-existing conditions and travel insurance prior to selecting a policy and check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). 

And if you’re over 70 years old, some limits and additional terms and conditions may apply, so remember to always read the PDS before taking out travel insurance to ensure you’re eligible. 

Travel Insurance for seniors on a budget

For seniors who are feeling spry and willing to trade in higher levels of cover for a cheaper price tag, Mozo’s 2019 Exceptional Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance winners could be a more budget-friendly option. 

These winning travel insurance policies will give you peace of mind and bang for your buck. To qualify for an award, these policies have to offer unlimited medical cover, at least $7,500 of luggage cover per traveller, and at least $15,000 cancellation cover per traveller. 

See a full list of 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards Exceptional Value Travel Insurance winners.

Great value … and great quality travel insurance?! 

Yes, they exist! Two travel insurance products - Fast Cover Comprehensive and World2Cover Top - won in both the Exceptional Quality and the Exceptional Value Comprehensive categories. 

“It’s great to see that there are some plans available now where you can get a really high level of cover but at a really sharp price,” Marshall said. “It’s good to see travel insurance providers really taking note of what travellers need and doing their best to cater to that.” 

In other words, you no longer need to fork out an enormous sum of money in order to get your hands on a policy that offers a lot more than the basics at a very reasonable price tag.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking of taking a trip overseas soon, head over to the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Travel Insurance to check out this year’s winners. Or head over to our travel insurance comparison tool to search for more options.