April 2019 Financial Checklist

Brace yourself! April's officially here, and with Easter, ANZAC Day and the school holidays all just around the corner, you're in for a jam-packed month ahead. Whether you’re going away or staying home this Easter, we’ve got all the juiciest money tips to get you through the month. So, sit back and relax because your fave monthly subscription has just entered the building! Here’s your monthly Financial Checklist: April 2019 Edition.

Don’t be fooled by your bank

A celebration of pranks and practical jokes, April Fool’s Day is all just a bit of harmless fun, but don’t let your bank fool you! With all its trickery and deception, it's understandable you'd be left feeling a little on edge or even paranoid. In saying this, there no harm in taking a little extra caution, especially when it comes to your finances.

After chatting with MEBank CEO, Jamie McPhee last month, we learnt that a massive 94% of Aussies have bank-xiety following the Banking Royal Commission. If you’ve lost faith in your bank, rest assured, you're not alone. Trust your instincts, and double check your bank statements and loan files to look for any mistakes. And if your trust in the big banks is gone for good, then why not try a small mutual bank or credit union instead. Check out these ethical banking options.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The flights are booked, accommodation's sorted, you've even got someone lined up to mind the dog! You're all set to jet off on your Easter escape for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Except, for one minor detail... travel money.

If you’re travelling overseas this Easter, before you set foot on the tarmac, be sure to work out how you’ll be paying for things while you're away. And unless you want to spiral down a rabbit hole of fees and currency conversion charges, I wouldn’t be so set on using your usual credit card.

Instead, opt for a piece of plastic specifically designed for overseas spends. Check out these top travel money cards for your Easter holiday, and while you’re at it, flick through our travel guides for more travel money tips.

Egg-spensive Easter school holidays

Parents! If you groan at the thought of the eggs-pensive upcoming Easter school holidays, we don’t blame you. School holidays + bored kids = a huge hole in your wallet! Not to mention the arm and leg it'll cost you to spend a day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! Which means there's no better time to start teaching your kids the value of money.

Have your kids do some chores around the house in exchange for pocket money, and instead of buying them more showbags than they can carry, explain to them they can have as many showbags as their pocket money will get them. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be more reluctant to part with their money!

And if they skip the showbag pavilion entirely, show them how to save by depositing their money into a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning in the Kids Savings Accounts.

Save on energy bills while you save the planet

Even if you missed Earth Hour on the 30th March, then it’s never too late to get involved and start helping the planet. Take some time to re-evaluate your energy usage and identify ways you could reduce your energy consumption. All it takes is a few small changes, like switching lights off when you leave a room or only turning the TV on if you’re actually watching it (don’t just keep it on for background noise!). Every bit counts.

If you really want to help the planet, perhaps even consider changing to solar-powered electricity. Not only would this help the environment, but you’ll cut down your energy bills too. Compare and switch energy providers so you can save some money while you save the planet!

If an Aries invites you shopping this April, say ‘NO!’

With Aries season well underway, our influential Aries pals are about to get a whole lot more impulsive. In fact, as our Mozo magic 8-ball predicted, these quick-witted fire signs will be spending money like it’s water in 2019. Word of advice: If an Aries invites you shopping this April… Stay home!

And to all the other signs: This isn't a free pass to go run amuck and shop ‘til you drop all month! Debt-collecters won’t give you the royal treatment cause you’re a Libra, got it? Take a leaf out of Virgo’s book and adopt some frugality, or else wind up on the bumpy road of debt.

In all seriousness folks, if you’re guilty of some reckless overspending as of late, then it’s probably time you punched some numbers into our budget calculator and set yourself a tighter budget.

Hit up our life & money hub for more money-saving tips. Otherwise, we’ll see you back here in a month for the May 2019 Financial Checklist!