June 2021 Financial Checklist

June 2021 Financial Checklist

Well, we’ve officially reached the halfway mark of the year. Not to mention, with winter well and truly here and the new financial year right around the corner, we’re in for one jam-packed month ahead.

But, lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing to get you through: your June 2021 Financial Checklist!

1. Stay warm without getting energy bill-burnt

In case the condensation on your windows didn’t give it away, it’s officially winter, folks. And since we can’t all jet-set off to Barcelona (thanks COVID) to escape the cold for the European summer, we’ll need to find other ways to stay warm.

Now Oodies and Ugg-Boots can only go so far - so before you start blasting the heater and whipping out the electric blankets, you might wanna do a quick check-in with your energy plan to make sure you’ve still got a good deal. Or else you could get burnt by a high energy bill.

2. Snag a sweet EOFY car deal

Keen to upgrade your current ride to a nice new set of wheels? What better time to go out and buy a new car than the end of the financial year? 

Right now, you’ll start to see EOFY car sales everywhere you turn. So if you were already planning on making a new vehicle purchase, you might be able to score yourself a better deal. 

Speaking of which, if you need a little extra help in the finance department, then don’t forget to do your due diligence and compare car loans first to see what’s out there before locking in.

3. Hit the road Jack

Speaking of which, if you’re spoiling yourself to a new car, then you might as well break her in by taking it for a decent spin, right?

As we said, international travel ain’t a thing this winter, so why not take a road trip to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer. Some of the best adventures take place in your very own backyard. But before hittin’ the road, just remember to get all your car insurance bits and bobs in order first.

4. Listen to The Finance Burrito to find out how to get paid to nap

If you haven’t already caught up with The Finance Burrito podcast, then firstly, what are you doing?! Secondly, here’s what’s been going on over the last month:

Episode #24: Your Money News: Ditching Dollarmites & dodgy workers

In this ep, Liv and Tom unpack some of the hottest finance news of the week - such as:

  • Fresh stats on rent prices across the country (spoiler alert: it ain’t looking good, Brisvegas)
  • More Aussies are opting for SMSF funds so they can invest in crypto
  • QLD bans the CommBank’s Dollarmites program from schools
  • Italian man skipped work for 15 years and STILL got paid! 

Episode #25: Your Money News: Aldi goes green & a Japanese dating queen

In episode 25 of The Finance Burrito, the dynamic duo discuss:

  • Aldi’s plans to be waste-free by 2025
  • Solomon Lew’s Premier Investments (a big company that owns heaps of other companies) will pay back $15 million in JobKeeper subsidies after reporting massive profits
  • How working from home might become more common practice in companies, thanks to a recent analysis that revealed all the benefits.

Episode #26: Your Money News: Busting the Budget & naps for days (30 to be exact)

In episode 26, we unpack the news that’s been on everybody’s lips … the 2021 Federal Budget:

  • Liv and Tom dissect some of the biggest changes announced with the budget, like:
    • Homeownership support
    • Youth unemployment
    • Rising superannuation
    • More funding for women’s health
  • Then for fun, Tom shares a story about a new job that’s paying peeps $1,500 to nap for 30 days ... Talk about sleepin' on the job! 

Episode #27: Your Money News: Working woes & a super-duper Uber disaster

In this ep, your two fave beans take a bite out of the hottest finance news of the week - such as:

  • A new study about how working long hours has been linked to some serious illnesses & even death. Yikes!
  • The highest-paying side hustles in the digital space
  • How the new changes to superannuation could mean a pay cut for those who have a packaged salary
  • The down-low on Uber’s new subscription service
  • Plus, producer Claire’s hilarious Uber fail (which may or may not involve a limo & a bikini)
  • Lastly, it's our fave researcher and show-note writer Ceyda’s last ep with TFB. The podcast wouldn’t be where it is without her, so give her a round of applause, people!

On that note, everyone, please give a warm welcome to our new ‘rito fam member Ella who’ll be taking over for Ceyda from next ep! Until then, go have yourself a Finance Burrito binge-fest!

5. Get that bread this Gemini season

Happy birthday to our favourite twins! Our birthday present to you? Money! Well, sorta. This year, our Mozo Magic 8-ball predicts an ever-flowing stream of abundance for you, Gemini.

Speaking of which, been hitting the books lately, Gemini? Cause with Saturn shifting through your ninth house of learning and education, 2021 could be the year that you start uni, TAFE or another form of education. 

If it’s your first year out of school, then you’ll defs want to check out Mozo’s declassified (post) school survival guide - it’s got all the financial lessons you need to know as an adult that they never taught you in school!

That’s all for now, folks! We’ll meet you back here next month for your July 2021 Financial Checklist. Until then, go and have a look through our life & money hub.