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8.0 / 10

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Part of the Suncorp group, AAMI has been providing insurance cover to Aussies since 1969. It runs a Skilled Driver Course to get you on the right track when you start out, and has centres across most Aussie states.

Besides, everyone knows the jingle - so you can be assured knowing your wheels are covered by a household name.

AAMI offers the following car insurance policies

Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer

Yes costs extra

up to 70%



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Frequently asked questions about AAMI car insurance

Should I opt for the low or high excess option?

The excess refers to the amount you’ll have to pay when you make a claim before AAMI will pay for anything. For example, you might have $500 worth of damage to your car and a $200 excess. You would pay $200 and AAMI would pay the extra $300.

You can tailor your policy by choosing to pay a high excess and therefore lower premiums, or lowering your excess in return for higher premiums. The former might be a good idea if you don’t have much cash up front and the likelihood of an accident is low. The latter might be handy because it means you’ll only have to come up with a small sum of money in an emergency.

How is my premium calculated?

Your car insurance premium is calculated on the likelihood of you making a claim, which AAMI predicts based on a number of factors like:

How can I pay my premium?

You can pay your AAMI premium annually or monthly, but if you choose to pay it in monthly installments, remember that it will cost extra. Payment options include online payment through the AAMI website, Bpay, over the phone, through old school mail and by popping into the post office.

What discounts are available?

One of the deciding factors in which car insurance policy you choose might be what discounts you’ll be able to snag. With AAMI, you can cash in a a discount for buying your policy online, a bundling discount if you also buy home and contents insurance and a no claims discount (which is different depending which state you live in).

If you’re under 25, you can also get another discount for completing the AAMI Skilled Driver Course.

What cover do I have in an emergency?

AAMI will cover the cost of towing your car if it breaks down, as well as alternate travel and accommodation if you’re far from home at the time. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to get in contact with AAMI before having any repairs done, or else they might not be covered under your policy.

What optional extras can I add to my car insurance?

If you’d like your policy to cover any special modifications to your car, you’ll have to add that to your policy specifically - no modifications will be covered unless it’s written into your policy. You’ll also have to add an extra to your policy if you’d like it to cover the cost of a rental car while yours is unusable.

If you do opt for these optional covers, keep in mind that they’ll usually bump your premium up. 

How is AAMI rated by customers?

You know the jingle, you know the facts, so now, read up on what AAMI customers think of their car insurance policies. Everyday Aussies have rated AAMI on things like customer service, convenience and trust in our customer review section.

How to make a claim

You can make a claim on your AAMI car insurance policy over the phone, online or even on the mobile app. Make sure you have a few things handy to make it easier, such as:

Make sure you get the details of anyone else involved in an accident, or any witnesses who may be able to help your claim. Some information you might like to ask for includes: 

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