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Westpac is one of Australia’s big four banks, established in 1817 and with around 13 million customers today, so chances are you already know all about it.

But what you may not know are all the details of its car insurance policies. So if you’ve got a set of wheels you need to keep safe, check out Westpac car insurance below.

Westpac offers the following car insurance policies

Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer


up to 65%



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Frequently asked questions about Westpac car insurance

What does a Westpac car insurance policy cover?

The Westpac Comprehensive policy is just what the name suggests - comprehensive. It covers just about any fix you might expect car insurance to cover, including:

Are there any exclusions I should know about?

Just like any other car insurance policy, there are a number of things that are excluded from your Westpac cover. These include if the accident happens when:

What excess option should I go for?

When you take out a car insurance policy with Westpac, like with most insurers, you can choose either low or high excess. But what does that mean and which one is best?

Well, if you opt for high excess, you’ll pay a lower premium, but if you ever do make a claim, you’ll wind up getting a lower payout. Opt for low excess, and your premiums will be higher, but your insurance will cover more of the cost if you do make a claim.

As for which is best, that’s up to you to decide, depending on your budget and how likely you think you are to claim.

How is my premium calculated?

Westpac will work out your premium depending on a bunch of factors, like who you are, what car you drive and where you live. Ultimately, what they’re trying to guess is how likely you are to be in an accident or make a claim - the more likely, the more you’ll pay.

Some questions you might have to answer to work out your premium include:

How can I pay my premium?

Car insurance premiums can be a pretty big cost to fit into your budget - so it’s nice to have some flexibility about how you pay. The good news is, you can pay your Westpac premium either in one lump sum or as monthly installments at no extra cost.

What discounts are available?

Another thing that can make paying your car insurance premiums much easier is cashing in on some great discounts. With a Westpac car insurance policy you may be able to snag a no claims discount, as well as a loyalty discount.

How is Westpac rated by customers?

There’s no better way to find out what a Westpac car insurance policy is like than getting it straight from the horse's mouth. That’s why we’ve asked Westpac customers to rate their policies in terms of things like customer service, convenience and value for money. Read all about it in our customer review section.

How to make a claim

Best case scenario: you never have to make a claim on your car insurance and you won’t need the information in this section. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared just in case.

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