Ski trip coming up? Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards reveals the best ski travel insurance of 2018

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wind in whipping past your face as you glide down a snow-covered slope- that is until you hit a bit of slippery ice and end up with a broken bone and a sizeable hospital bill. Whether New Zealand’s lush ski fields have caught your eye or you’re more a fan of the snowy mountains of Tokyo, you’re going to need something to fall back on if things go astray.

Mozo’s 2018 Experts Choice Ski Travel Insurance Awards have revealed the best policies to ensure Aussie skiers and snowboarders can enjoy their snow trip knowing they’re covered for accidents or misfortune by top notch travel insurance.

To qualify for a Mozo Experts Choice Award, ski insurance policies needed to offer unlimited medical, at least $7,500 in luggage cover and at least $15,000 in cancellation cover per traveller.

“With ski coats, boots and ski equipment coming in at thousands of dollars in value, you need to have exceptional cover in case your luggage is compromised. And a high level of medical cover is always a good idea, especially when you’re taking part in adventure sports,” said Mozo Data Manager, Peter Marshall.

This year’s winners provided these features and more, with Travel Insurer of the Yearwinner, World2Cover, taking home two awards in the ski insurance category and RACV Travel Insurance and Southern Cross Travel Insurance receiving one each.

“The winners in the ski insurance category provide lovers of winter sports with the highest level of cover for the sorts of complications that can occur on snow trips,” said Marshall.

“Typical travel insurance policies don’t cover snow sports unless you buy extra optional cover for it. That can make finding the right policy even trickier, so the Mozo Experts Choice Awards take that confusion away.”

Top reasons you need ski insurance

Insurance isn’t just for extreme skiers - everyday Aussies are vulnerable to finding themselves in a predicament on the slopes as well.

“If you’re planning on straying away from prepared runs, keep in mind that insurers may have conditions for off-piste skiing and snowboarding, or these may not be covered at all, so it pays to double check your policy,” said Marshall.

“For most people who are staying inside resort boundaries, good quality insurance could save them from paying thousands of dollars in accident-related costs.”

Here are some scenarios which will make you glad you’re covered:

  • You have an accident. Even the most experienced skiers find themselves in unfavourable situations. Whether you collide with other people on the slopes or have an unexpected encounter with a tree, you might need to be evacuated off the mountain and taken to hospital. The best quality ski travel insurance will cover you for the evacuation fee, any hospital bills and even repatriation costs if need be.
  • Your equipment is stolen. You’ve come home at night and notice your someone’s found their way into your hotel room and made off with your skis! With a good pair costing upwards of $1,000, replacing them could burn a hole in your pocket. Good ski insurance will cover you for the replacement costs, so you can continue your trip.
  • The ski fields close during your trip. If there’s either not enough snow or too much, a ski resort might close due to risk of injury for skiers. Whether you miss out for a day or your whole trip, ski insurance can compensate you for the money you prepaid for equipment hire, lift passes and any necessary extra costs.  

If you’re looking to find the best policy so you can rest assured you’re well covered on your trip to the snow, check out Mozo’s 2018 Experts Choice Ski Travel Insurance award winners. To compare travel insurance policies from a wide range of providers use our travel insurance comparison tool to see how much you could be saving.