BEST $20 Blog competition

The best $20 I’ve ever spent was…

Whether you’re an intrepid international traveller, a reluctant road tripper or anything in between, you’ve probably got a story about the best $20 you’ve ever spent while travelling. Well, we want to hear it.

We asked for the story of the best $20 you’ve ever spent - and, boy, did you deliver!

Our blogging competition has uncovered a heap of great stories about spending a little and getting a lot all around the world.

It wasn’t easy, but our judges have now narrowed the list down to the best of the best in order to crown our final winners. Drum roll please...

winnder detour ducks

1st Place Winner

Detour Ducks

Banquet for two in Japan

A chilly night in Kyoto’s Old District leads these Aussie bloggers to a mysterious - and delicious - taste of authentic Japan.

red dirty road

Runner Up

Red Dirt Road Blog

Last minute luxury in Dublin

Travelling can get hectic at times, so sometimes a bit of well-deserved pampering is just what the doctor ordered.

yarn spinner

People’s Choice

The Yarn Spinners Chronicle

A magical morning in Monkey Mia

A special encounter with bottlenose dolphins shows you don’t always have to go far afield for an unforgettable travel experience!

Key Dates

  • Entries Open 01 September 2017
  • Entries Close 16 November 2017
  • Winners announced 23 November 2017


1st Place Winner

$1,000 gift card

If your blog is the best of the best, you’ll score a $1,000 prepaid visa card, plus the chance to become a paid Mozo blog contributor for the rest of 2017.

Runner Up

$500 gift card

So close! Even though you didn’t snag the top spot, as the lucky runner up you’ll take home a $500 prepaid visa.

People’s Choice Winner

$250 gift card

The lucky blogger who captures the hearts and minds of Mozo’s readers will be rewarded with a $250 prepaid visa.


Judging Criteria

Our experts judges will be looking for:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Accuracy
  • Writing style and structure
  • And in the case of the People’s Choice Award, how popular your blog post is
photo of Dean Van Es

Dean Van Es

CEO of Fast Cover travel insurance

When he launched Fast Cover in 2010, Dean’s mission was to make buying travel insurance fast and simple. A world traveller, whose first experience with travel insurance was finding himself stuck in a Thai hospital with tonsillitis, he knows how important it is to have someone watching your back when you’re overseas.

photo of Kirsty Lamont

Kirsty Lamont

Mozo Director

As Mozo’s Marketing Director, Kirsty knows a thing or two about snagging a great deal. She’s always up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of finance and is passionate about sharing money saving tips with Mozo’s readers. When she’s not in the office, Kirsty loves to hit the sand for a well-deserved beach vacay

photo of She's On The Money

She’s On The Money

Mozo lifestyle blogger

As Mozo’s resident lifestyle blogger, She’s On The Money brings readers the cutting edge of personal finance - with a healthy dose a humour on the side. No stranger to lost baggage, delayed flights and beating language barriers through a game of charades, She likes her holidays tropical, often and most importantly - cheap!


If you’re over 18, an Australian resident and have a blog, we want to hear from you!

Not at all. We want to hear from bloggers in all areas - from globetrotters, to personal finance gurus, food connoisseurs to yodelling enthusiasts. But to be within the theme, the particular blog post you enter should be about $20 you spent while travelling.

To enter, you’ll need to post a blog on your own site. So if you don’t currently have a one, feel free to make one to enter the competition.


Unfortunately, no. We love that you’re enthusiastic, but to keep it fair, each blogger is limited to one entry. So make it a really a good one!

To be eligible to win, your entry needs to link to our competition landing page, but it’s up to you how you do it. For example, you might like to link from within the body of your blog, like this:

“When I was considering the best $20 I’ve ever spent while abroad, one moment stood out in my memory.”

Or you could introduce the blog with an intro like this:

“This blog post is an entry into the Mozo Best $20 blogging competition”

Step 1: Write a killer blog and follow the entry steps outlined above.

Step 2: Share it on your social media profiles and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #Best20Travel.

Step 3: Tell everyone you know to like, comment and share the post. The more traction it gains, the better your chances of winning!

Your blog will probably appear on Mozo’s website and social media pages as part of the competition, and maybe afterwards as well. You won’t be paid for this. However, if you do win our top prize, you will be paid for the bi-monthly blogs we want you to write for us.

Short answer: no. We want you to write something fresh and new, and tailor it to the theme of the Best $20 you’ve ever spent.

You can find them here