RBA keeps rates on hold at 3.00%


Tuesday 05 February 2013

At its first board meeting of 2013, the Reserve Bank has kept rates on hold at 3.00%, despite calls from Australia's housing developers that an additional interest rate cut is needed to stimulate the declining housing market.

In his statement, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens said that, "sentiment in financial markets has continued to improve, with risk spreads narrowing and funding conditions for financial institutions becoming more favourable."

However he noted that "the inflation outlook, as assessed at present, would afford scope to ease policy further, should that be necessary to support demand."

Why wait for the RBA to get a rate cut?

Borrowers don't need to wait until next month's RBA meeting to get a rate cut on their home loan. Right now, home owners can snap up a great interest rate and save on their home loan repayments. Two of the market's most aggressive lenders UBank and loans.com.au have current variable rate offers of 5.12% (refinance only) and 5.09% respectively.

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Loans.com.au: Blackboard Special 5.09% (5.12% comparison rate)
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4.99% : Resi Flexi Fix, Greater Building Society Fixed Ultimate Home Loan Package, Newcastle Permanent Fixed Rate, ME Bank Fixed Members Package

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5.04% iMortgage

Best 3 year fixed rate
5.12% Resi

Good news for Savers

No rate cuts means good news for savers who were slammed by the back to to back rate cuts of 2012.  There are still a few accounts out there offering over 5% but the banks are demanding a bit of loyalty from you to get it.

Top 3 savings rates
ME Bank  Online Savings Account: 5.10% special rate (12 month bonus rate)
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