RBA's July decision: rates on hold at 3.5%


Tuesday 03 July 2012

The RBA has announced that it will be holding the official cash rate at 3.50%, in reaction to positive domestic and stable international economic signs.

They cut rates last month, why not this month?

Good question. Last month’s welcome cut was primarily in response to increasing fiscal instability in Europe and China, according to RBA Governor Glenn Stevens.

The 0.25 basis point cut was an attempt to help quell domestic fears regarding the EuroZone and the continued slow in both China and America’s economic growth.

In the month since the cut, a growth in GDP has coincided with a drop in unemployment figures, both positive signs for the country’s economy that can be linked to the RBA’s June decision. Furthermore, the European economic backdrop hasn’t shifted dramatically.

A July cut, therefore, was unfortunately very unlikely. Glenn and his pals are holding the reins steady in light of the positive results their last cut has ostensibly produced. They’re also keeping a watchful eye on the global economy. In Stevens’ own words: “with a more subdued international outlook than was the case a few months ago, the stance of monetary policy remained appropriate”.

Here at Mozo, we’re betting the RBA will be monitoring the longer-term effects of its June decision over the next few months, and continuing to hold rates steady.

AMP Chief Economist Shane Oliver predicts that only “far more uncertainty regarding the global backdrop” will prompt another cut any time soon.

What will the banks do?

This decision is highly unlikely to incentivise a rate cut from any bank. But hey, we can always hope.

Rest assured, the eagle-eyed team of Mozo Rate Chasers will be keeping an eye on all the banks just in case there are any sneaky rate increases attempting to slither under the radar.

What effect will this have on borrowers? Well, now’s the time to switch and save!

Here’s a heads up: just because Glenn and Co are sitting back and relaxing this month doesn’t mean you should.

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