Bonus points credit cards

Bonus points help you to reach rewards status fast. Each rewards credit card will have different rewards point earnings rates, partner deals and bonus point criteria - so be sure to get the one that best fits your needs.

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How do I compare bonus point deals?

First, think about what rewards you are most likely to want use - flight, retail rewards or cashback. And consider the points to earning ratio of the rewards program, some will have better rewards ratios than others, so a 10,000 bonus point offer with one card may be better than a 20,000 point offer on another card.

Are there any tricks and traps with bonus point deals?

In almost all instances there will be some kind of criteria that you need to meet in order for the bonus points to be activated. Some rewards credit card providers have set timeframes and purchase limits that need to be reached, others simply require you to make a purchase on the credit card.

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Bonus Points Rewards Cards Perks

Rewards credit cards come packed with perks and so it pays to brush up on the ins and outs of earning and redeeming rewards. Too many people fall into the trap of going for the biggest bonus point sign up offer but then fail to take advantage of all the other great bonuses that come standard with their card like free wine when they dine, pre-sale tickets to shows and complimentary airline lounge passes.

In this guide, we’ll outline some of the best ways to get bonus value from your rewards card and some of the traps to watch out for.

What types of bonus points are available?

What else should I look for in addition to bonus points?

Are there any traps to bonus point offers?

What fees do tebonus points credit cards have?

Will a balance transfer count towards the spend requirements for a bonus offer?

What’s the best way to compare bonus point card offers?

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