Aussies could pocket up to $1,547 by haggling on their financial products and utility bills

If Aussies haggled on common life expenses like financial products and utility bills, they could save an average of $1,547, research commissioned by Mozo has revealed.

The survey of over 1,000 adults showed that the biggest savings up for grabs were for those who bartered down their home loans, with an average saving of $968 - around seven times more than the savings made by haggling on white goods at just $139.

However, while the biggest savings were on offer for those with a home loan, less than half of those interviewed said they would feel comfortable negotiating with their mortgage lender.

"When you consider the largest chunk of savings are reserved for those who are willing to haggle on their home loan, if you currently have a mortgage you'd be crazy not to give it a go," said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

Dollars Aussies saved by haggling on banking products and bills compared to white goods:

Banking products and bills
Average saving by those who haggled and got discounts
Home loan

Credit card

Car insurance

Pay TV


Mobile Phone

Total savings

Saving from haggling on white goods








Other findings from the consumer survey, found only a quarter of respondents had ever bothered to negotiate the cost of their mobile and internet plans, despite the fact that those who did would end up saving $75 and $78 respectively.

Of the consumers who had bargained for a cheaper price before, men saved 60% more than women at an average of $252, compared to women who only saved $155.

Lamont, said that the key to haggling successfully is to do it well. “Do your research so you can ask your provider to beat the best offer, and never accept the first offer,” she advised.

“You can offer to bring your other products like credit cards to your provider but if you’re not happy with their response, tell them you’re prepared to take your business elsewhere.”

“Our research shows that it’s well worth asking for a discount but you need to haggle like a pro to get the biggest discounts,” Lamont said.

Unique scripts on what to say when you haggle, line by line: