ING makes everyday saving as simple as tweeting

ING have introduced a new savings feature, allowing Aussies to link their automatic savings to everyday occurences, like hitting their daily step count, loading the dishwasher or even changes in the weather.

The Australian first feature is available to all ING customers with an Orange Everyday Account linked to a Savings Maximiser account. Users can set up an automatic transfer to happen when any number of things happen, for example, you might schedule $20 to go to your holiday fund every time the temperature at home drops below 19 degrees.

Or for social media lovers, you might schedule $5 to enter your savings account each time your favourite celebrity tweets - depending who you pick, you could hit your savings goal in no time.

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Designed to help Aussies make saving an everyday habit, the new feature comes on the back of ING’s success with the Everyday Round Up feature, that sweeps ‘loose change’ into a customer’s savings account.

“We know from the launch of our Everyday Round Up feature that incidental savings can really add up.  Everyday Round Up enables ING customers to round up their loose change, from card purchases, into a savings account. Since launch it has helped our customers collectively save on average $2 million a month,” ING’s Head of Digital and Innovation, Chris Barwick said.

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Innovations like this make it super easy for Aussies to save money regularly, and if you’re interested, check out the ING Savings Maximiser. Otherwise, there are definitely ways for you to get a jump start on your savings - here are our top tips:

  • Set a goal. When you’re trying to save a little bit every day, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and lose your motivation. Working towards a bigger goal - like an overseas holiday, a new car or even a good-sized F*** Off Fund - can help keep your eye on the prize.
  • Automate your savings. Most, if not all, bank accounts these days give you the option to set up automatic transfers into your savings account. By setting up one of these transfers, you can save money without even thinking about it.
  • Find a great rate. Finally, make sure your savings account is working hard for you, by bagging a great interest rate offer. You might opt for an account with a great introductory rate to kick-start your savings, or you can look for one that offers an ongoing bonus interest rate. These offers usually come with conditions like no withdrawals or a minimum deposit - which shouldn’t be a problem once you make saving an everyday habit. Head over to our savings account comparison table to find an option that suits you.