Valentine’s Day without the squabbles: Study reveals equal spend across the genders

The figures are in and the ultimate question of love has finally been answered - men and women spend just as much on each other on Valentine's Day, with an average spending difference of just $4.

A study of 1,800 Australian couples commissioned by retailers Beer Cartel and Edible Blooms revealed that the average amount spent by men on Valentine's Day is $98, while women spend an average $94 on their partners.    

With 80% of respondents to the study expecting to celebrate Valentine's Day with their significant other, Kelly Jamieson, Managing Director of Edible Blooms, noted how important acknowledging one's partner is on the special day.

“Both partners should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, there are two people that make a relationship successful,” said Jamieson.

The study also revealed that couples who intended to celebrate Valentine's Day with each other were likely to be more positive about their relationship, a finding Relationship Coach Michael Brook agreed with.

“Couples that stay together long term and increase in love and intimacy are always trying to focus on what attracted themselves to their partner in the first place.”

“They also, are doing some of the behaviours that they did when they were initially dating, like celebrating Valentine’s Day,” Brook said.

Traditional gifts such as chocolate and cards remain just as popular as ever, with the survey revealing the three most popular gifts for women to be flowers, chocolates and a card.

Men on the other hand were most likely to receive a card, chocolates or alcohol from their partners.

Top tips to save this Valentine’s Day

  • Dine another day. With 57% of respondents to the study planning to celebrate February the 14th with a romantic dinner, it could be a wise idea to book that fancy restaurant for another night to avoid excessive markups. Some menus have been found to increase their prices by as much as $50 on Valentine’s Day.
  • Get creative with a DIY card. With cards a popular option for both genders, why not give it a personal touch - your partner and your wallet will both be grateful (generic Hallmark cards cost as much as $6 each). Get out the paper and pens and craft your own design, or for an even quirkier gift try your hand at a message in a bottle.
  • Pay for your date with cash. Don’t pay more than you need to if you are taking your partner out for a romantic dinner, as some restaurants add a card payment surcharge on Valentine’s Day.  

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