Australia Post Load & Go travel card retired: here’s what you need to know

By Katherine O'Chee ·

If you’ve been using an Australia Post Load & Go travel card for a while now, this is news you’ll need to hear: Australia Post has announced it is replacing its Load & Go card with a multi-currency Travel Platinum Mastercard

As of 12 April 2019, customers can no longer renew their Load & Go cards once they expire. So make sure to keep an eye on your card’s expiry date, which is 3 years from its date of production (you’ll find the exact date printed on the front of your card and at the back of its packaging), and get your hands on a new travel card in time for your upcoming trip abroad. 

So what should I do with existing balance on my Load & Go travel card? 

There are a few ways you can use up your Load & Go card balance before it expires: 

  • Spend it! A transaction fee of 9c applies for each purchase you take, capped at $0.99 per month. 
  • Withdraw it from an ATM. But bear in mind that you'll have to take out at least $20 at any one time, and you’ll be charged a foreign currency equivalent of $2 AUD every time you enquire about your balance or withdraw cash. 
  • Cash it out, by applying for a money order online. This may take up to 45 business days to process. 

But what if my Load & Go card has already expired? 

Once your card has expired, you’ll no longer be able to use it for purchases or at ATMs. But worry not - if you’ve still got money on the card, you can cash it out by calling 1300 665 054. 

What Australia Post travel card can I use now? 

Looking for another travel card to use on your adventure overseas? Introducing Australia Post’s Travel Platinum Mastercard, which can load up to 11 currencies: Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, New Zealand Dollars, Thai Baht, Canadian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollars and United Arab Emirates Dirham. 

The Travel Platinum Mastercard suits travellers looking to splurge on their holiday, as it allows you to have anywhere between $100 and $100,000 on your card (daily limits apply). And with each $100 upload, you’ll be eligible to register for a 3-month membership for free Wi-Fi around the world, provided by Boingo Wi-Fi.  

Unlike credit and debit cards where you’ll never know what exchange rate you’ll be charged until after your purchase, the Travel Platinum Mastercard lets you lock in your exchange rates, so you’ll know exactly where your hard-earned holiday money is going. But keep in mind this benefit only applies for the initial load and not subsequent reloads. 

And for those hoping to send some cash over to a family member overseas, you can transfer money from one Travel Platinum Mastercard card to another in an instant. 

What if you lose your card or have it stolen while travelling abroad? No worries - you can call up Australia Post’s 24/7 global emergency assistance line, and a new card will be sent to you without any additional charges.

How Australia Post’s new Travel Platinum Mastercard compares with Load & Go

Load & GoTravel Platinum Mastercard
Currencies available511
Reload amount
Minimum $100

Maximum $10,000 on the card at any one time, or $25,000 total over 12 months
Minimum $100

Maximum $100,000 on the card at any one time, daily limits apply: 

- BPAY: $25,000
- Card-to-card transfer: $20,000
- Debit card: $15,000
Reload fee
No Fees include: 

- $5 per debit card load transaction 
- 1% of reload amount if using BPAY without booking your rate via web or mobile 
- 1.1.% of reload amount when topping up the AUD purse in-store (no fee applies if you’re reloading directly into a foreign currency purse)
Card replacement fee
ATM withdrawal fee
$2 AUD or foreign exchange equivalent (also charged if you enquire about your balance)Domestic: 2.5% of the value withdrawn

International: $3.50 AUD or foreign exchange equivalent
Expiry date
3 years from the date the card is produced5 years from the date the card is produced

While the Travel Platinum Mastercard packs a punch in extra value and freebies, there are some fees to keep an eye on, so it may not suit travellers on a shoestring budget. 

If you’ve caught the travel bug, it’s time to get your travel card today and wave goodbye to the hassle of visiting your bank or a specialist money exchanger to swap Aussie dollars for foreign currency. Take a look at our prepaid travel cards comparison table to find the card that suits you.

Prepaid travel cards - rates updated daily

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  • Platinum Prepaid Currency Mastercard

    USD: 0.6805
    GBP: 0.5150
    EUR: 0.5724
    NZD: 1.0272

    $0 online (greater of 1.1% of initial load amount or $15 in-store)

    2.50 USD

  • Just Go Visa Prepaid Travel Card

    USD: 0.6860
    GBP: 0.5240
    EUR: 0.5810
    NZD: 1.0410


    0 AUD

  • Traveller Card

    USD: 0.6852
    GBP: 0.5238
    EUR: 0.5834
    NZD: 1.0391


    0 AUD

  • Qantas Travel Money Card

    USD: 0.6837
    GBP: 0.5172
    EUR: 0.5761
    NZD: 1.0261


    1.95 USD

  • Travel Money Card

    USD: 0.6840
    GBP: 0.5204
    EUR: 0.5797
    NZD: 1.0309


    2.50 USD


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