Mozo Experts Choice Award winners revealed to be up to 36% cheaper than average NBN plans

It’s been close to eight years since the first Australian household was connected to the NBN in July 2010, but despite considerable political hubbub in the intervening years, close to four million households and businesses are now connected according to operator NBN Co.

Given the rollout is only halfway towards NBN Co’s projected 2020 target of eight million connected homes and businesses, many Australians are likely to be in the process of shopping around for an NBN plan of their, or will be in the near future.

But with hundreds of different providers on the market to sift through, not to mention a variety of speed levels and data allowances to choose from, it can be difficult for households to compare NBN offers in order to find a suitable plan.  

Luckily, the Mozo Experts have just released the inaugural Mozo Experts Choice NBN Awards following a comprehensive analysis of plans from 100 NBN retailers.

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The Awards highlight some of the best value NBN plans available for Australian households, with factors including monthly charges, set up fees, cancellation costs, speed, download limits, and technical support taken into consideration by the Mozo Experts.  

“With a significant proportion of Australians still waiting to be connected to the NBN, many will be starting to think about the plan they want to hook up to once the NBN becomes available in their suburb,” said Mozo Data Services Director, AJ Duncanson.

“That’s where the Mozo Experts Choice Awards can help out. Through our extensive awards process, we’re able to shine a spotlight on NBN plans for a variety of internet usage needs which offer real value for Australian households.”

Could you save with an NBN award winner?

According to data collected during Mozo’s analysis of different plans, Australians stand to save significantly by bagging a competitively priced NBN plan.

One place to start is by comparing Mozo Experts Choice award-winning NBN plans, as on top of other desirable features, these plans  were also found to be up to 36% cheaper than average NBN plans.

The analysis also revealed a significant price difference between plans which were compared for the awards in the same speed category.

For example, in the popular 50Mbps speed category, contract plans ranged in price from $50 a month to $106 a month. While price isn’t the only factor to be taken into consideration when choosing a plan, over the course of a 12 month contract that $65 price difference comes out to a hefty $780.  

For households weighing up the benefits of upgrading to an NBN plan with faster speed, Mozo also discovered little difference in the average price between certain speed levels.   

The price jump between the average 25Mbps and 50Mbps capped-data NBN plans, for instance, was revealed to be less than $10 a month, though the price difference between the average 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans proved to be more substantial.    

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So what are you waiting for? While the NBN is being rolled out in your area, prepare yourself with a great value NBN plan from the get go by checking out all the 2018 Mozo Experts Choice NBN Award winners today.