You can now talk to NAB without making a phone call

NAB customers with a nerdy streak will relish the news that you can now make general enquiries across a range of banking products via its recently launched ‘Talk to NAB’ app.

The big four bank is the first to launch a Google Assistant app in Australia which is available for android smartphones and iPhones with the Google Assistant app, as well as Google Home devices.

While you won’t be able to access your specific bank accounts, you’ll be able to ask a range of questions on credit cards, personal loans, transaction accounts, travel cards and internet banking.

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To use the app simply say “Ok Google, talk to NAB”, ask your question, have a conversation with NAB and when you’re done say either “bye” or “exit” to end the conversation.

The voice-activated app will provide general support for current or prospective customers, no matter where they are or what time it is.

NAB said on its website that the initiative is just the beginning and that it will be looking to constantly improve the service and the amount of banking questions you’ll be able to ask.

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‘Talk to NAB’ continues the bank’s range of innovative, customer-facing digital solutions after the provider launched Aussie-first 24/7 chatbot bankers for its small business customers in September.

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