NEW! The People’s Choice Product Portfolio

Based on your feedback we’ve put together Mozo’s ‘People’s Choice’ Portfolio, a collection of products that are making Australians happy and could save you $4391! If your bank didn’t make the cut this year, go where the grass is actually greener.

home loansHome Loans

If you’re still paying high interest on an average standard variable home loan, you could lock in a much lower rate and save yourself $2935 over three years. That money could be used to do something fun like take an overseas holiday, or be put towards extra repayments that would save you an additional $5,223 in interest repayments over the life of your loan.

People's Choice Home Loan (score 9/10)Average Home Loan (score 7.54/10)
ME Bank Super Members Fixed Home Loan Average Variable rate Home loan
Interest Rate: fixed at 4.69% for 3 yearsAverage standard variable rate: 5.54%
Fix your rate and lock in savings of $2935 over three years (excluding fees)


Credit Cards

Stuck paying a bunch of interest on an average credit card? Go where the grass is greener. On an outstanding balance of $3000, savvy switchers can save $438 by choosing to go with the People’s Choice credit card provider. Go on, give yourself some credit.

People's Choice Credit Card (score 8.73/10) Average Credit Card (score 6.91/10)
ME Bank MasterCard Average credit card
Interest rate: 12.25%Average Interest rate: 17.12%
Save $438 over three years (on a typical outstanding balance of $3000)


Savings Accounts

Would you pay yourself $10 a minute if you could? That’s effectively what you’d be doing by switching to a People’s Choice Winner’s savings account with an existing balance of $10,000. $106 better-off for filling out a 10 minute application form? There’s a reason ING Direct took out Best Bank this year.

People's Choice Savings Account (score 8.89/10) Average Savings Account (score 7.97/10)
ING Direct Savings Maximiser Average Savings Account
Intro Rate 4.50% (for four months), Ongoing Rate 2.75%Average Interest rate: 2.59%
Earn $106 more over 3 years (on a savings balance of $10,000)


Debit Cards

If you’re paying any fees at all for your debit card service, you’re paying too much. The average debit card will be quietly charging you $2.05 a month just to exist but the People’s Choice of Debit card wont charge you anything at all and will give you $50 for joining and making a few purchases on your new card – a savings of $74 over three years.

People's Choice Debit Card (score 9.24/10) Average Debit Card (score 8.26/10)
ME Bank Everyday Transaction Account with Debit MasterCard Average Debit card & bank account
Monthly fees $0. Perks: Transaction bonus $50Monthly fees $2.05
Save $74 over three years


Personal Loans

Personal Loans are expensive, and a few percentage points can make all the difference to getting out of debt fast. By switching to The People’s Choice of personal Loans you’ll save yourself $676 over the term of a typical $30,000, 5year loan – $676 is something you should take personally.

People's Choice Personal Loan (score 8.75/10)Average Personal Loan (score 7.23/10)
CUA Personal Loan Average Personal Loan
Unsecured fixed rate 11.99%Average Unsecured Fixed rate 12.73%
Save $676 over 5 years (on a $30,000 loan)


Term Deposits

Is your money working as hard for you as it could be? If you’re earning less than 4.5% interest, the answer is no! Mozo’s Peoples Choice Awards revealed that choosing Australia’s favorite term deposit would earn you $162 more over 5 years on a typical $25,000 deposit.