Monday moneyvator: Join the shop small movement

Monday moneyvator: Join the shop small movement

Our moneyvator series is all about providing you with tips that will help you save money over the week. Well, this week’s monday moneyvator on shopping small won’t only help you put extra in your pocket after 7 days but over the entire month of November. In fact, you could potentially pocket $100 cash back by the end of this month. Read on to find out how…

What is the Shop Small movement?  

Shop Small is a campaign that runs from 30 October to 30 November 2015. The whole premise of the movement is to encourage shoppers like you to purchase things you are already planning on buying from local businesses rather than large retail chains. For instance, say you need to purchase a Kris Kringle gift for a colleague, instead of heading to a major discount store like Kmart or Target you’d visit your local craft store for the item.

What’s in it for me?

Apart from helping local retailers, if you’re an AMEX card member you’ll be rewarded for your local shopping with a $10 cash back offer with each eligible purchase.

How it works is every time you buy an item of $20 or more from a Shop Small approved retailer using a registered AMEX card, $10 will be credited to your account. Over the month, the campaign lets you accrue up to $100 over 10 different purchases.

If that isn’t incentive enough to join this worthy cause, you’ll also have the chance to win a $500 Accor Hotel voucher, if you share the campaign via your social media. BTW in case you didn’t know the Shop Small hashtags are #ShopSmallAU and #Share4ShopSmall.

Want to get involved? You can find out more about the Shop Small movement here.

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