How to enjoy Melbourne Fashion Week style on a budget

How to enjoy Melbourne Fashion Week style on a budget

Heads up fashionistas! There’s only a few days left until the 20th annual Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, which will take place in the Aussie fashion metropole.

This year, the fashion event will run from 7-13 March, presenting one week full of world-class runway shows, high-end fashion designed by Australia’s emerging designers, live entertainment, beauty workshops and much more.

If you think this vogue lifestyle is way out of your financial range, following these simple tips from CupoNation’s Theresa Baer on enjoying high-end fashion on a budget, will teach you otherwise:

1. Rummage through the markets

Believe it or not, a totally underestimated place to look for high-end fashion, vintage-style is at your local markets. People often sell their antiquated clothes and accessories because they don’t have room to store them, so you can come across some unique fashion items like petticoats, vintage jackets or gold jewellery. Due to the fact that a lot of people do not know the actual value of antiques, you can pick up real bargains too!

2. Insider tip: Visit second-hand shops

Contrary to the belief that the stock at second hand shops is old, holey and worn down, many of these shops can actually be a vintage lover’s paradise. Of course, not every second-hand store is the same, but at most of them you can find shoes, clothes, bags and accessories from brands like Prada, Dior, Gucci and Ralph Lauren, to name only a few, all at unbeatable prices.

3. Use coupons to make high-end fashion affordable!

Who would have thought? There are plenty of coupons and discount codes out there, even for high-end online fashion stores, that could save you a bunch of money while purchasing the latest fashion online. The online savings platform CupoNation Australia features plenty of exquisite online fashion shops like David Jones (Principle Partner of the Melbourne Fashion Week), Farfetch, NET-A-PORTER or Shopbop for which they offer promo codes of up to 70% off.

4. Do it like the stars at the Oscars – rent an outfit!

Renting outfits for major events is anything but reprehensible. Stars like Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence do it all the time and so can you. The internet is full of websites like where you can rent top designer gear at low prices. So you’ll not only get high-end fashion at a fractional amount of the buying price but you’ll also be able to dress up uniquely for every upcoming event.

5. Play the waiting game

Being patient during your high-end fashion bargain hunt always pays off in the end. Wait for major sales events like Boxing Day or Black Friday to get the best deals online, shop off-season to benefit from REAL fashion bargains; or even use the “shopping cart trick” and leave desired items in your shopping bag as long possible, as the retailer may give you a special deal or offer for it amongst the “Don’t forget to buy the articles that are still in your shopping cart”- emails.

Ready to enjoy high-end fashion on a budget?

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