5 easy ways to supersize your AMEX rewards points

5 easy ways to supersize your AMEX rewards points

Are you an American Express rewards points aficionado? Or maybe you’re just getting started on your journey to a big, fat stack of rewards points?

Either way, we’ve collected five of the need-to-know tricks for maximising the value of your AMEX rewards card. Check them out:

1. Snag an introductory bonus offer

If you’re on the hunt for a new American Express rewards card, keep an eye out for introductory bonus point offers, as this will quickly pump up your rewards stash. Some of the best AMEX bonus points deals at the moment are:

2. Use your card where it counts

Did you know that by using your AMEX credit card on certain shopping trips, you can earn more points? You’ll score double points on many American Express rewards cards when you use them on your weekly grocery bill at a major supermarket, or when you fill your tank at major petrol stations. So make sure you’re flashing the plastic (or your compatible iPhone or Samsung) at the right registers!

Top tip: Keep an eye out for which spends will earn the most points on your particular card – Platinum Edge credit cardholders can earn triple rewards points at major supermarkets, while Qantas Ultimate cardholders might be better off cashing in on dining out.

3. Go local

On the other hand, if big box retailers aren’t your thing, American Express has recently rolled out its Local Champion Game, which means you can earn up to 10,000 bonus rewards points for shopping with your favourite local stores. You’ll compete against other shoppers, and whoever records the highest number of transactions in a rolling 30 day period is declared Local Champion! While you hold the title, you get 1 bonus point per $1 spent, which can mean up to 4 points per $1 spent at your local supermarket, or 3 points per $1 at your local petrol station!

Top tip: To cash in, make sure you have the AMEX app, and your credit card is registered. One thing to keep in mind – supplementary card spends don’t count toward your Local Champion score.

4. Add an extra Card Member

When it comes to earning rewards points, two cards are better than one, so choose someone you trust, like your partner or a family member, and kit them out with a Supplementary AMEX credit card. Points earned on their spending will be credited to your account, so you’ll build up a stack of points in no time at all.

Top tip: Most American Express rewards cards come with unlimited additional cards – so rack up even more points by having more than one additional card. You could have the whole family earning points if you want!

5. Refer a friend

Have a friend who could benefit from new plastic in their wallet as well? All you have to do is refer a friend to American Express and, if they’re approved as a Card Member, you’ll both get bonus points. You could add an extra 200,000 points to your balance every year by successfully referring friends.

Top tip: Make sure you log into your AMEX account or via the Amex App and use the provided link to refer friends and family in order to bag the bonus.

Have we missed anything? Tell us your tips and tricks for supersizing credit card rewards points in the comments.

5 easy ways to supersize your AMEX rewards points was last modified: July 26, 2016 by Kelly Emmerton

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  1. My husband and I have both been made redundant in the past three years. Yipppeee! Its just what we wanted at 60 and 63yrs. But when we tried to get a black visa card with ANZ (maximum points bonus reward for getting it) they said no income = no card!


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