Why I’m swearing off Maccas hash browns

Why I’m swearing off Maccas hash browns

People, it is time to act. We cannot stand idly by while violence of this manner is being perpetrated. Too long have we been held under the thumb of the oppressor. I say no more.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

I am referring, of course, to the fact that McDonald’s has upped the price of that paragon of crispy, golden potato-y goodness, the hash brown, to $2.20 overnight. And they thought we wouldn’t notice.

Hash browns were originally $1.95, making it a price rise of 12.8%, which is a pretty decent jump. More importantly it means that fishing a single gold coin out of your couch cushions/handbag/the footwell of your car will no longer cut it for buying a delicious deep-fried breakfast snack. You’ll now have to fish out two coins at a minimum. Disgusting.

Listen, as friendly as your neighbourhood Maccas might seem, as much as you love the warm embrace of the 24hr drive-through at 2am, McDonald’s is actually a multi-billion dollar corporation, that made a revenue of US$24.622 billion in 2016.

Make no mistake, that smug, red-nosed clown is there to suck you dry. There are 23.13 million people in Australia. If everyone buys one hash brown, the extra .25 cents means $5.7825 million dollars for Maccas. And as one astute twitter user pointed out:

Is this a world we really want to live in? Political strife running rampant, robots poised to take over our jobs, and $2.20 for a hash brown?

Perhaps the next logical step is a return to some kind of primitive, goods-based trading system, where my job as a personal finance blogger is to write about where to trade the most chickens for a bag of rice.

But until then, I have tasted my last hash brown. No crunchy, oil-dripping pseudo-potato shall pass my lips if I have to pay $2.20 for it.

You can take our hash browns Mickey D, but you can never take our freedom.


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